JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Herbert's journey to the altar

by SheKnows
Nov 30, 2012 at 1:43 p.m. ET
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JP and Ashley are always beaming around one another.

1 /14: The Rose Ceremony

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

1/14 :The Rose Ceremony

Here Ashley hands out the roses to the suitors she found fit.

2 /14: The Finale

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

2/14 :The Finale

At the last episode of The Bachelorette, where they started their journey to the aisle.

3 /14: Beach Babes

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3/14 :Beach Babes

Here with Sammi from Jersey Shore, the couple parties the day away at Shore Club in Miami Beach, Florida.

4 /14: Bentley and Ashley

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

4/14 :Bentley and Ashley

During the season of the Bachelorette, bad-boy Bentley could have been a contender to steal Ashley's heart.

5 /14: The Masked Man

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5/14 :The Masked Man

He lasted until episode three of the Bachelorette, but the masked man will be remembered for a long time.

6 /14: Kiss And Tell

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6/14 :Kiss And Tell

They showed some passionate kissing at their appearance on "Live with Kelly."

7 /14: Party Time

Image: Jeff Grossman/WENN

7/14 :Party Time

Here at the Sport And Style Party, the couple looks very happy together.

8 /14: Toast To Ashley

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

8/14 :Toast To Ashley

After one of the rose ceremonies, everyone gathers around to say a toast.

9 /14: JP & Ashley


9/14 :JP & Ashley

At the Durex Performax launch, the couple looks great together.

10 /14: The Rock

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

10/14 :The Rock

Ashley shows off the engagement ring that JP proposed with on the show.

11 /14: Classy Couple

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11/14 :Classy Couple

They look great regularly, but here they look extravagant all dressed up.

12 /14: Ashley and Ben

Image: Courtesy Of ABC

12/14 :Ashley and Ben

We guess she had to kiss a few frogs on the season, here with Ben, before she found her prince, JP.

13 /14: Suited Up

Image: Jeff Grossman/WENN

13/14 :Suited Up

Their body language shows how much they are into one another.

14 /14: Hip Hugging

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14/14 :Hip Hugging

They seem to always be holding one another, and here at the Bachelor Season 16 Finale Viewing Party, it's no different.