Project Runway: Favorite Designers

by SheKnows
Jan 25, 2012 at 1:06 p.m. ET
31-year-old, Amanda Valentine, is fiercely competing in Season 11 of Project Runway Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke

1 /17: Amy Sarabi and Jonathan Peters

1/17 :Amy Sarabi and Jonathan Peters

These two designers from season 7 have some laughs while they get their design together. Photo credit: Lifetime Television

2 /17: Kara Janx

2/17 :Kara Janx

This talented designer is from "Project Runway All Stars" and we love her eclectic, lovely designs.

3 /17: Elisa Jimenez

3/17 :Elisa Jimenez

This fan favorite designer is from season 4. She has a knack for creatively designing pieces. Photo credit: David Russell

4 /17: Ben Chmura and Janeane Ceccanti

4/17 :Ben Chmura and Janeane Ceccanti

These two work as a team to discuss their designs on season 7. Photo credit: Lifetime Television

5 /17: Nina Cortes

5/17 :Nina Cortes

She competes in the eighth challenge of "Project Runway" on season 8. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke

6 /17: Gordana Gehlhausen

6/17 :Gordana Gehlhausen

This designer looks furiously for some material for her design in season 6. Photo credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Television.

7 /17: Carol Hannah Whitfield

7/17 :Carol Hannah Whitfield

The designer starts putting together her design in season 6. Photo credit: Mark Yarish/Lifetime Television.

8 /17: April Johnston

8/17 :April Johnston

She works on a design for Heidi Klum activewear in season 8. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television.

9 /17: Christopher Collins

9/17 :Christopher Collins

The designer works on a look for Heidi Klum active wear in season 9. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television.

10 /17: Maya Luz

10/17 :Maya Luz

Tim Gunn gives advice to the designer on her piece before they have to present their garments. Photo credit: Lifetime Television

11 /17: Amanda Valentine

11/17 :Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine is creative and determined with her colors and bold patterns in Season 11 of Project Runway Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke

12 /17: Layana Aguilar

12/17 :Layana Aguilar

Layana Aguilar, the 28-year-old New Yorker, is a sweet and spunky designer in Season 11.

13 /17: Layana Aguilar

13/17 :Layana Aguilar

Layana Aguilar, part of Team Keep it Real, is a creative designer with fun and feminine designs.

14 /17: Mat Arthur

14/17 :Mat Arthur

Mat Arthur is a quirky and bold designer from New Orleans ready to win it all.

15 /17: Mat Arthur

15/17 :Mat Arthur

Mat Arthur a 30-year-old designer from the Dream Team in Season 11.

16 /17: Patricia Michaels

16/17 :Patricia Michaels

46-year-old Patricia Michaels brings her native heritage and inspirations to the runway in Season 11.

17 /17: Patricia Michaels

17/17 :Patricia Michaels

Patricia Michaels is a fearless competitor often creating her own fabrics.