Project Runway: Favorite Designs

by SheKnows
Jan 25, 2012 at 12:06 p.m. ET
As one of the more reserved designs, this black tull dress is something we would wear to a gala or venue opening. Seen during season 6 of "Project Runway." Photo credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Television.

1 /17: Laura Kathleen's design

1/17 :Laura Kathleen's design

This sleek pantsuit was made by designer Laura Kathleen on "Project Runway" season 9. It's chic and edgy, something we could definitely rock. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke

2 /17: Cecilia Motwani's design

2/17 :Cecilia Motwani's design

This neutral frock was classy and fun. Made by design Cecilia Motwani for season 9. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke.

3 /17: Austin Scarlett's design

3/17 :Austin Scarlett's design

We love this barbie-meets-Aruba design by Scarlett. This flamboyant design was for "Project Runway All Stars" and though it's eccentric, we adore it. Photo credit: David Russell

4 /17: Kara Janx's design

4/17 :Kara Janx's design

For the first challenge of "Project Runway All Stars," Kara Janx designed this old hollywood beachy number that we would wear out for a night of dancing or on a date. Photo credit: David Russell

5 /17: Anthony Williams' Design

5/17 :Anthony Williams' Design

This flavorful frock is fun and flirty! Made for the "Project Runway All Stars" first challenge, it got us feeling festive for warmer weather. We digg this. Photo credit: David Russell.

6 /17: Kimberly Goldson's design

6/17 :Kimberly Goldson's design

This ultra-lux evening dress is a Grecian dream. Made by designer Kimberly Goldson in "Project Runway" season 9, this dress is fit for a goddess. Photo credit: Barbara Nitke

7 /17: Nicolas Putvinski's design

7/17 :Nicolas Putvinski's design

Way back from "Project Runway" season 6, designer Nicolas Putvinski nailed this look with his backless, slinky dress. It's chic and sophisticated while still oozing sex appeal. Photo credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Television.

8 /17: Jonathan Joseph Peters' design

8/17 :Jonathan Joseph Peters' design

This disco-rific with a touch of boho jumper is from "Project Runway" season 7 by designer Jonathan Joseph Petters.

9 /17: Gordana Gehlhausen's design

9/17 :Gordana Gehlhausen's design

This lovely lilac gown is a sight for sore eyes. Showcased in "Project Runway All Stars" by Gordana Gehlhausen. Photo credit: David Russell

10 /17: David Esquivel's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

10/17 :David Esquivel's design

Daniel Esquivel's suit design was for the first challenge on Project Runway Season 11. This sleek and elegant black pant suit with a twist is flattering with a hint of edge.

11 /17: Richard Hallmarq's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

11/17 :Richard Hallmarq's design

Appearing in the first episode of Season 11, Richard Hallmarq's asymmetrical dress can be worn up or down with boots or a pair of flats! It's versatile and unique.

12 /17: Layana Aguilar's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

12/17 :Layana Aguilar's design

Made for the fourth challenge in Season 11, Layana Aguilar's dress made with live flowers and hardware is chic, cute and detailed. If it wasn't made from hardware this design would be in everyone's closet!

13 /17: Stanley Hudson's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

13/17 :Stanley Hudson's design

Another favorite from the flower and hardware challenge in Season 11 was Stanley Hudson's design. This vintage and elegant design is unique and embodies the woman of the 50s.

14 /17: David Esquivel's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

14/17 :David Esquivel's design

David Esquivel's design for Heidi Klum's challenge was this gorgeous and elegant evening dress.

15 /17: Amanda Valentine's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

15/17 :Amanda Valentine's design

Amanda Valentine's design for client Miranda Lambert hit the spot with it's fun and edgy fringes and bold silver accessories. This is a look anyone could wear with the confidence of a rock star.

16 /17: Michelle Franklin's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

16/17 :Michelle Franklin's design

This edgy and rock-punk designer has proven to be innovative, creative and true to herself. This design is perfect, simple and versatile, for spring. Light and breezy!

17 /17: Michelle Franklin's design

Image: Barbara Nitke

17/17 :Michelle Franklin's design

Another of Michelle's designs, this edgy and bold prom dress was the winner of its challenge in Episode 7 of Season 11. We look forward to Michelle's bold new designs every week!