Reality TV Villains

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Feb 11, 2010 at 2:54 p.m. ET
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Scott Disick has been raising eyebrows since day one on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Self-proclaimed “Lord Disick” has kept up his reality TV villain status with his horrific moments and snarky comments. Whether we are amused or mortified, his behavior always keeps us on our toes!

1 /14: Reality TV Villains: Brandi Glanville

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1/14 :Reality TV Villains: Brandi Glanville

Although she's one of the more recent women to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville has gone anything but under the radar. From her sassy comebacks to the way she's not afraid to speak her mind, this villain is willing to do whatever it takes to get her way.

2 /14: Reality TV Villains: Courtney Robertson

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2/14 :Reality TV Villains: Courtney Robertson

During season 16 of The Bachelor, Courtney Robertson not only won the Bachelor’s heart but also the unofficial title of the most villainous contestant in Bachelor history.

3 /14: Reality TV Villains: Abby Lee Miller

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3/14 :Reality TV Villains: Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller, star of Dance Moms, is easily a top contender for the best reality TV villain. Each week she continues showing her dancers and their moms "tough love" while reminding them that everyone is replaceable. Save the tears for your pillow, Abby Lee!

4 /14: Reality TV Villains: Kristin Cavallari

4/14 :Reality TV Villains: Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari started her ascent to reality TV villain status on a little show called Laguna Beach. Then, as lead star Lauren Conrad moved on to bigger and better things, producers brought Kristin Cavallari to The Hills for the final two seasons and even billed her return as "The Bitch is Back." She lived up to the hype with rumors of drug use and boyfriend stealing flying during her time on t

5 /14: Reality TV Villains: Lacey Conner

5/14 :Reality TV Villains: Lacey Conner

Lacey Conner brought cattiness to a whole new level on Rock of Love's Bus with Bret Michaels. She not only tarnished her fellow girls' reputations to Bret, but she provoked them to hit her so they would get kicked off! Luckily, she didn't last until the end - or maybe Bret wouldn't have found his true lov

6 /14: Reality TV Villains: Bianca Golden

6/14 :Reality TV Villains: Bianca Golden

Bianca Golden was famous for her cat fights on America's Next Top Model. She targeted fellow model Lisa, who used to be an exotic dancer and also Heather, who struggled with Asperger's Syndrome. She complained about everything from jobs to traveling to China. Oh, Bianca.

7 /14: Reality TV Villains: Will Kirby

7/14 :Reality TV Villains: Will Kirby

It's obvious just by looking at that devilish grin, that Will Kirby should be on this list. Known for his conniving manipulations on Big Brother, Will made no apologies for throwing ever cast member under the bus. And Will took that devilish grin all the way to the bank, when he won the 500,000 prize.

8 /14: Reality TV Villains: Wendy Pepper

8/14 :Reality TV Villains: Wendy Pepper

Wendy it seems as though your haircut finally fits your Cruela DeVille personality. Wendy Pepper's Project Runway competitors made it no secret that they couldn't stand her, in fact, winner Jay McCarroll even told her that everyone hated her at the season 1 finale.

9 /14: Reality TV Villains: Trish Schneider

9/14 :Reality TV Villains: Trish Schneider

Oh, Trish Schneider. Not only did you parade around on the Bachelor wearing a gold digger T-shirt, but you actually owned up to all your promiscuity and gold digging. We could have forgiven you for that, but then you came back after being kicked off to interrupt Jesse's date with another girl and tried to steal him back. An

10 /14: Reality TV Villains: Puck Rainey

10/14 :Reality TV Villains: Puck Rainey

Puck was a despised member of the Real World: San Francisco. You may remember him for picking his nose frequently getting into fights with fellow cast members. Finally, his bad behavior became too much for his housemates to bare, and he was removed from the house.

11 /14: Reality TV Villains: Omarosa

11/14 :Reality TV Villains: Omarosa

Wouldn't be a bit of a let down if Omarosa wasn't at the top of every reality TV villain list? From her stints on the Apprentice, to her run ins with Janice Dickenson on the Surreal Life and beyond, Omarosa is one vicious force to be reckoned with.

12 /14: Reality TV Villains: Kim Zolciak

12/14 :Reality TV Villains: Kim Zolciak

Well Kim, there are many reasons why you made this list. First, you are dating a married man, secondly, you wear a wig and pretended to have cancer when you didn't, and lastly, you lie to your children about stopping smoking. Oh, and everyone hates you on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

13 /14: Reality TV Villains: Johnny Fairplay

13/14 :Reality TV Villains: Johnny Fairplay

This Johnny certainly did not be good on Survivor: Pearl Islands. Johnny was a cheat and compulsive liar on the show to say the least, but lying about your dead Grandma? Then Johnny continued to haunt us by appearing on Fans Vs. Favorites and several other reality TV shows along the way.

14 /14: Reality TV Villains: Evil Dick Donato

14/14 :Reality TV Villains: Evil Dick Donato

What can we say about you Evil Dick other than your nickname is very well fitting. We cannot think of one nice thing you said about any of your Big Brother cast mates, but we can certainly recall a lot of expletives.