Most Popular Reality TV Hosts

by SheKnows
Feb 11, 2010 at 2:50 p.m. ET
Chris Harrison tries to help young men and women find love every week on the ABC reality dating showsThe Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Although wetry to be focused on the lovebirds at hand, we must admit our eyes occasionally wander over to the

1 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Heidi Klum

1/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Heidi Klum

Do we really need to comment on this one? It's pretty obvious that Heidi Klum, Victoria Secret model and Project Runway host, is smokin' hot. And did we mention she has three kids? And did we mention that she makes us sick?

2 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Jaclyn Smith

2/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith, the 60-something old host of Shear Genius, gives us something to look forward to. Timeless, beautiful, and successful. You've got more than just good hair going for you Jaclyn.

3 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Jeff Probst

3/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Jeff Probst

Maybe it's his rugged exterior or maybe it's the fact that we think he could McGyver his way out of a sticky situation, but either way Survivor host Jeff Probst is hot. We'd be willing to survive on a deserted island with him any day.

4 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Joe Rogan

4/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan first caught our attention on the reality TV series Fear Factor, where he tried to console tormented contestants being forced to do ungodly disgusting things. Charming, really. He's funny, entertaining, and oh so handsome.

5 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Julie Chen

5/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Julie Chen

If there's one reason men might apply to be sequestered in the Big Brotherhouse, it just might be the show's host, Julie Chen.Not only is Julie gorgeous, but she's got a body to die for.

6 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Padma Lakshmi

6/9 : Reality TV Hosts: Padma Lakshmi

It's not just the kitchen that's hot on Bravo's reality TV series Top Chef. The show's host Padma Lakshmi, a former ex-model, gives viewers more than just good food to feast their eyes on.

7 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Phil Koeghan

7/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Phil Koeghan

If there's one thing that might convince us to climb a 200 ft. net and then jump off over a body of water, it might be the fact that Phil Koeghan is waiting for us at the end. His Australian accent and dashing good looks makes the Amazing Race that much more amazing.

8 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Ryan Seacrest

8/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, everyone's favorite reality tv host, makes us laugh every week on American Idol.He's a good dresser with an adorable smile, who cuts down

9 /9: Reality TV Hosts: Ty Pennington

9/9 :Reality TV Hosts: Ty Pennington

Dare we ask the question if there is anything hotter than a guy who is not only hot, but who can also fashion a bookcase in less than an hour? Ty Pennington, host of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover is that man. And he helps people. As if he wasn't already appealing enough.