Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

by SheKnows
Dec 5, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: Andres Otero/
The South-African beauty looks amazing in this beige lingerie one-piece.

1 /39: Doutzen Kroes

Image: Bridow/

1/39 :Doutzen Kroes

This blonde babe definitely dropped a few jaws at the show.

2 /39: Jacquelyn Jablonski

Image: Bridow/

2/39 :Jacquelyn Jablonski

These colors are beautifully worn by the lovely Jacquelyn.

3 /39: Hilary Rhoda

Image: Andres Otero/

3/39 :Hilary Rhoda

Brunette bombshell with a pair of yellow wings.

4 /39: Jessica Hart

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

4/39 :Jessica Hart

She makes mix-and-match look incredible.

5 /39: Joan Smalls

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

5/39 :Joan Smalls

This pink little number is to die for!

6 /39: Erin Heatherton

Image: Bridow/

6/39 :Erin Heatherton

I am Erin; hear me roar! This outfit looks purely amazing on her.

7 /39: Erin Heatherton

Image: Bridow/

7/39 :Erin Heatherton

The pink feathery coat makes the light-blue lingerie pop on Erin — and it looks fabulous!

8 /39: Lily Aldridge

Image: WENN

8/39 :Lily Aldridge

One of the harder looks we've seen on the runway.

9 /39: Elsa Hosk

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

9/39 :Elsa Hosk

Elsa is ruling the world with her looks and body.

10 /39: Ming Xi

Image: WENN

10/39 :Ming Xi

Those tights, the 'skirt,' that jacket! Only Ming could pull this off.

11 /39: Neon Jungle

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

11/39 :Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle spiced up the runway with their talented presence!

12 /39: Fall Out Boy

Image: WENN

12/39 :Fall Out Boy

We're pretty sure these guys were in heaven. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to be surrounded by Angels?

13 /39: Taylor Swift

Image: WENN

13/39 :Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift showed the UK some love with this red, white and blue outfit.

14 /39: Adriana Lima

Image: Bridow/

14/39 :Adriana Lima

She's the true definition of a bombshell angel.

15 /39: Adriana Lima

Image: Andres Otero/

15/39 :Adriana Lima

She makes a train conductor look so sexy. We're obsessed.

16 /39: Adriana Lima

Image: Bridow/

16/39 :Adriana Lima

The original angel looking like she's on fire!

17 /39: Ieva Laguna

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

17/39 :Ieva Laguna

She wants you... omg! Loving her school-girl outfit

18 /39: Josephine Skriver

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

18/39 :Josephine Skriver

We'll admit that we don't understand that crochet happy face, but we're diggin' those socks.

19 /39: Lily Aldridge

Image: Bridow/

19/39 :Lily Aldridge

Dazzling in white, she does it all right!

20 /39: Constance Jablonski

Image: Bridow/

20/39 :Constance Jablonski

Can we please talk about those wings? Love!

21 /39: Karlie Kloss

Image: WENN

21/39 :Karlie Kloss

She looks like a beautiful butterfly that just came out of her cocoon.

22 /39: Candice Swanepoel

Image: Andres Otero/

22/39 :Candice Swanepoel

And the million-dollar bra goes to... Candice! She wears it well.

23 /39: Lais Ribeiro

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

23/39 :Lais Ribeiro

Two words: so hot.

24 /39: Lais Ribeiro

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

24/39 :Lais Ribeiro

That headpiece!

25 /39: Cindy Bruna

Image: Andres Otero/

25/39 :Cindy Bruna

She's all smiles as she walks down the glittery runway in this black-and-yellow number.

26 /39: Barbara Fialho

Image: Andres Otero/

26/39 :Barbara Fialho

This sexy, black lace two-piece looks great on the amazing body she has. Work it.

27 /39: Alessandra Ambrosio

Image: Andres Otero/

27/39 :Alessandra Ambrosio

She just dazzles in blue.

28 /39: Izabel Goulart

Image: Michael Carpenter/

28/39 :Izabel Goulart

The Brazilian bombshell looks ever-so-fierce in her VS purple wings.

29 /39: Alessandra Ambrosio

Image: Andres Otero/

29/39 :Alessandra Ambrosio

Matching the runway, Alessandra looks stunning in this glittery-white number.

30 /39: Izabel Goulart


30/39 :Izabel Goulart

We're loving the detail and the red heels!

31 /39: Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

31/39 :Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Loving her pink bra with the leopard undies!

32 /39: Cara Delevingne

Image: Bridow/

32/39 :Cara Delevingne

She's a beauty in black.

33 /39: Cara Delevingne

Image: Bridow/

33/39 :Cara Delevingne

Quite possibly the sexiest soccer player — ever.

34 /39: Behati Prinsloo

Image: WENN

34/39 :Behati Prinsloo

Blue and yellow are certainly your colors, girl.

35 /39: Behati Prinsloo

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

35/39 :Behati Prinsloo

The bride-to-be looks amazing in her white outfit and angel wings.

36 /39: Behati Prinsloo

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

36/39 :Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine's fiancé looking fierce in her ringleader outfit.

37 /39: Cindy Bruna

Image: WENN

37/39 :Cindy Bruna

The black-and-white polka-dot bra and underwear totally make the outfit!

38 /39: Alessandra Ambrosio

Image: Andres Otero/

38/39 :Alessandra Ambrosio

Her signature kiss as she dazzles in this peacock outfit.

39 /39: A Great Big World

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

39/39 :A Great Big World

A Great Big World performing at the VSFS.