Best Movie Kiss Photos

by SheKnows
Aug 31, 2009 at 1:26 p.m. ET
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long heat it up on the water in Going the Distance.

1 /28: Walk the Line

1/28 :Walk the Line

The fabled relationship of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash was brought to life in this biopic. After dancing around their romance for years, June finally accepts Johnny’s on-stage marriage proposal, and he lifts her up with a joyous kiss.

2 /28: The A Team

2/28 :The A Team

Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper rekindle their romance in The A Team.

3 /28: Sex and the City 2

3/28 :Sex and the City 2

Carrie and Big just can't stay away from each other.

4 /28: Knight and Day

4/28 :Knight and Day

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz renew their Vanilla Sky pairing in Knight and Day.

5 /28: The Notebook

5/28 :The Notebook

An old man reads the same story from a notebook to the same old woman every night -- a woman who only occasionally recognizes herself as the young girl in the tale. Allie and Noah were separated by her parents after a single idyllic summer together, but reunite several years later in a gripping scene involving one of the most passionate kisses the movie-going public has ever seen.

6 /28: When Harry Met Sally

6/28 :When Harry Met Sally

After years of friendship, Harry decides he and Sally can no longer be friends because of a single night of passion. Weeks later Sally, terribly hurt by the rejection, is alone at a New Years Eve party when Harry walks in and declares his love for her. They ring in the New Year with a kiss.

7 /28: Titanic

7/28 :Titanic

Jack and Rose meet on the doomed ship and fall in love, but cannot escape what history has in store. Before succumbing to fate, the two share multiple tender moments. One of the most memorable was their first kiss, shared on the bow of the ship.

8 /28: Brokeback Mountain

8/28 :Brokeback Mountain

Jack and Ennis find forbidden love in the fields of Brokeback Mountain, but separate after their long, hot summer to return to their “normal� lives. They both marry women and have children, but still long for each other. Four years later they reunite with a passionate, violent kiss witnessed by Ennis’ wife -- signaling the beginning of the end of her marriage.

9 /28: WALL-E

9/28 :WALL-E

WALL-E is the last robot of his kind, designed to clean up a now-abandoned Earth far in the future. He develops sentience due to his incredibly long life. Another robot named EVE comes to Earth to find any signs of life, and the pair travel through outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of robots and humanity. An accident causes WALL-E to seemingly lose his sentience, but a spark cau

10 /28: From Here to Eternity

10/28 :From Here to Eternity

Set in the weeks leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, this classic film features one of the most iconic love scenes in movie history. Sergeant Warden and Karen Holmes, the wife of Warden’s superior, linger in a passionate embrace while the ocean surf crashes around them.

11 /28: Sixteen Candles

11/28 :Sixteen Candles

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed? Samantha’s family forgets her sixteenth birthday because of the hubbub over her sister’s wedding. Lucky for her, her crush on dreamy Jake Ryan is mutual. He breaks up with his prom queen girlfriend and gives Sam a great gift. What could be sweeter than a sweet sixteen birthday kiss?

12 /28: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

12/28 :Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

After a long battle to secure the titular chest, Elizabeth realizes the only reason Kraken is in pursuit of the Pearl is Jack Sparrow himself. In a seductive scene, Elizabeth gives Jack a long, lingering kiss -- only to trick him into being locked onto the ship while the rest of the surviving crew make their escape.

13 /28: Shakespeare in Love

13/28 :Shakespeare in Love

Viola, the daughter of a London nobleman, disguises herself as a young man to earn a role in Shakespeare’s latest play. She falls in love with the playwright, and upon discovering his young actor’s true identity the two begin a passionate affair. Their first kiss is a scene to remember.

14 /28: Ghost

14/28 :Ghost

Not even death by cold-blooded murder can separate lovers Sam and Molly. A medium named Oda Mae helps the pair reunite and in a famous scene the ghost and the living kiss while spinning pottery together.

15 /28: My Girl

15/28 :My Girl

Vada and Thomas are best friends in the summer of 1972, despite Vada being teased about the friendship since Thomas is both unpopular and a boy. The two share a sweet first kiss before tragedy strikes and Vada gets a harsh introduction to her teens.

16 /28: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

16/28 :E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Three children help a lovable alien escape the feds and return home. The closing scene features a touching moment when Gertie -- played by a young Drew Barrymore -- gives E.T. the flower pot key to the plot of the film to remember her and her brothers by, and then kisses him on the forehead.

17 /28: Lady and the Tramp

17/28 :Lady and the Tramp

A pampered pooch and a stray mutt find love when Lady’s family is tricked into shutting her outside by a couple of tricky kitty cats. The Tramp takes Lady on a date to his favorite Italian restaurant for a spaghetti dinner, where they accidentally kiss while slurping the same noodle in what has become one of the most endearing Disney scenes on film.

18 /28: Frida

18/28 :Frida

Frida Kahlo lived and loved passionately. In this biopic of the painter’s life, her marriage to fellow artist Diego Rivera is depicted as an open one in which both take on lovers, Frida’s being both male and female. In one sexy scene, Frida dances a tango with a beautiful women which ends in a passionate kiss.

19 /28: Gone with the Wind

19/28 :Gone with the Wind

There are lots of passionate embraces in this classic film set in the Civil War-era South, but none more dramatic than Rhett and Scarlett’s first. With Atlanta burning fiery red behind them, Rhett plants one on Scarlett and is thanked with a slap across the face.

20 /28: Spider-Man

20/28 :Spider-Man

Spidey and Mary Jane share an upside down kiss in the rain.

21 /28: Casablanca

21/28 :Casablanca

Rick and Ilsa share a forbidden kiss in this classic film.

22 /28: Twilight

22/28 :Twilight

Edward and Bella share a forbidden kiss.

23 /28: Wild Things

23/28 :Wild Things

Neve Campbell and Denise Richards heat up the screen with an unforgettable kiss in the pool.

24 /28: Witness

24/28 :Witness

Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis share a forbidden embrace in this unforgettable scene.

25 /28: William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

25/28 :William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

The tragic couple shares a first kiss at the Capulet party.

26 /28: Cold Mountain

26/28 :Cold Mountain

Inman and Ada share their first kiss before he leaves for the war.

27 /28: The Empire Strikes Back

27/28 :The Empire Strikes Back

Han Solo and Princess Leia give in to the sexual tenstion and kiss.

28 /28: Pride and Prejudice

28/28 :Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth and Mr Darcy kiss after she accepts his marriage proposal.