Tom Cruise is a maniac! Top10 best TC movies...!

by SheKnows
Dec 16, 2011 at 6:40 p.m. ET
Steven Spielberg & Tom Cruise 4eva! Anything these two powerhouses collaborate on is gold in our book. This sci-fi horror has action, suspense and the adorable Dakota Fanning.

1 /9: No. 2 -- Tropic Thunder

1/9 :No. 2 -- Tropic Thunder

A very close second, "scorched earth" Tom brings sexy back with dance moves that let us know why he's truly earned his keep as one of America's favorite leading men. Les Grossman rules!

2 /9: No. 3 -- Risky Business

2/9 :No. 3 -- Risky Business

You knew it would be on here. Tom + tighty-whities + Old Time Rock and Roll = no brainer. He's a maniac in the 80s!

3 /9: No. 4 -- The Firm

3/9 :No. 4 -- The Firm

I'd dig through an old coat for pizza money with you any time, Tom. Just as long as I can watch you run. Fast on his feet, Cruise gets to the bottom of this conspiracy, pretty darn quick!

4 /9: No. 5 -- A Few Good Men

4/9 :No. 5 -- A Few Good Men

You can't handle it! And neither can we. Seeing Tom all buttoned up in his official digs always brings on a little head swoon. Just saying.

5 /9: No. 6 -- Mission: Impossible

5/9 :No. 6 -- Mission: Impossible

We could watch this a million times. The look on Tom's face when his crew has been compromised -- priceless. If you want a good action flick with espionage, intrigue and lots of clever Cruise quotes, don't miss it.

6 /9: No. 7 -- Legend

6/9 :No. 7 -- Legend

Wait for it...! Yes, Legend is on our list because, sigh, that's where it all began. Pixie-dusted Tom entered our lives as the sexy hunk he was always meant to be, while searching for a unicorn, to boot! Could he be more magical in this film...?

7 /9: No. 8 -- Top Gun

7/9 :No. 8 -- Top Gun

Kelly McGillis lucked out (seriously, girl!) in her role as Tom's love interest in this macho fighter pilot flick about honor, loyalty and driving way too fast.

8 /9: No. 9 -- Vanilla Sky

8/9 :No. 9 -- Vanilla Sky

Double-faced Tom? Yes, please! He's aware of his own chiseled chin in this totally out-there sci-fi romance. We love it!

9 /9: No. 1 -- Jerry Maguire

9/9 :No. 1 -- Jerry Maguire

As much as we love to hate to love to watch your couch-jumping antics, you're a lunatic, a hopeless romantic and a hot-bodied mystery that many women would love to solve. Tom, you complete us.