INTERVIEW: PLL Exec. Producer I. Marlene King talks red coat, Wilden’s trunk & Season 4

Jun 10, 2013 at 5:40 p.m. ET

Remember when A texted "Nosy b*tches die!" to the Liars? Well, we hope that's not true, because with the Season 4 premiere just around the corner, we put our investigative skills to the test and tried to pry some answers out of Executive Producer I. Marlene King. You won't believe what she said!

Who is red coat girl? What's in Walden's trunk? Are Ezra and Aria really over? These are the questions that have been reeling over and over again in our heads for the past few months. We may have not all the answers yet, but thanks to our chat with I. Marlene King, we're one step closer.

Q&A with Executive Producer Marlene King

SheKnows: What hints can you give us about who "red coat girl" is? Have we met the character on the show before?

Marlene King: Yes, the audience knows Red Coat. It's a character that each of the PLLs have had a scene with.

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SK: How's Toby's previous involvement with A going to help the Liars this season?

MK: Toby's previous involvement with A doesn't help the Liars at all this season. It actually complicates their search for Red Coat.

SK: Will we find out whose body Spencer found in the woods?

MK: Eventually the identity of the body found in the woods will be revealed.

SKIs it really the end of the road for Ezria [Ezra & Aria] or can we hold out hope for a reunion?

MK: I disagree with Spencer's attitude towards hope. I don't believe it breeds eternal misery. There's always a chance for Ezria.

SK: With that said, are Aria and Wes going to continue getting close?

MK: We love Wes, but so far he isn't in Season 4.

SK: What about Jason? He's such a stud! Any romance in store for him?

MK: We find out where Jason is and what he's doing in the season premiere. That's all I can say for now.

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SK: Is Mona finally going to be accepted by the Liars now that she's a target, too?

MK: I wouldn't use the word accepted. I would say the Liars and Mona are unlikely allies. They're all looking for Red Coat, but we can never trust Mona's intentions.

SK: What can we expect from Wren and Shana? Are they going to become more frequent characters this season, entangled in the A storyline?

MK: Doctor Wren had a lot of contact with Mona at Radley and continues to be a useful resource for the Liars. We love this charming Brit. We'll find out more about Shana's alliance with Jenna and their entanglement with Melissa in the season premiere.

SK: What's in store for Wilden this season? We know he's not going to stop terrorizing the Liars anytime soon.

MK: The dark Wilden cloud hangs low over the Marin household in Season 4. The Marin women can't seem to escape his wrath.

SK: Any clues on what's in Wilden's trunk?

MK: I can only say that every time I see it, I have to look away.

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SK: Alison's mom is returning to Rosewood — how is this going to affect the story line? What kind of role will she play?

MK: Not only does Mrs. DiLaurentis move back to Rosewood, she's moving into the DiLaurentis house and getting Alison's old room ready. Does she know something the Liars don't, or is she building a shrine to her dead daughter?

SK: We know Rumer Willis will make a cameo in an episode. Are there any other celebrities making guest appearances on the show?

MK: Rumer plays the character of Zoe, Emily's mentor when she was working for Habitat for Humanity in Haiti. We're excited about future episodes with her in Rosewood.

SK: Are there others on the A team? Paige, Ezra, Caleb?

MK: Nice try.

SK: How far is A going to go this season?

MK: It's crash and burn time, baby!

SK: Any other teasers you want to share with us? We're all huge fans of the show!

MK: Season 4 is all about answers. We're giving fans the answers to questions they've been asking since Season 1.


Don't miss a thing! The Season 4 premiere kicks off Tuesday, June 11 on ABC Family.

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I. Marlene King

I. Marlene King is the driving force behind the breakout hit ABC Family drama Pretty Little Liars. As head writer, showrunner and executive producer, King created and developed the series based on the popular books from Alloy Entertainment and has played a key role in making it ABC Family’s runaway success story. The series draws an average of 3.8 million viewers each week and has continued to cultivate a colossal social media footprint. With 8.7 million tweets about the series in one year, SocialGuide recently ranked Pretty Little Liars as the fifth most social series on television. It’s received 13 Teen Choice Award nominations, winning the award for Choice TV: Drama and Choice Summer TV Show three consecutive years, and has won three People’s Choice Awards for Favorite TV Drama/Obsession. The hugely popular series will return to ABC Family for its fourth season this June and has already been picked up for a fifth season.

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