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L.A. Hair’s Kim Kimble talks Season 2 drama

Celebrity stylist and L.A. Hair star Kim Kimble dishes Hollywood hair dirt and Season 2 drama.

WE tv’s popular salon drama L.A. Hair is going into its second season, and we have all the dirt on the show and Kim Kimble’s celebrity clientele.

Q&A with Kim Kimble

SheKnows: Who is the most interesting celebrity you’ve worked with?

Kim Kimble: I would have to say Shakira. I love her style and personality.

SK: Whose hair would you love to get your hands in?

KK: Nothing would give me greater joy than to have the pleasure of touching Prince’s hair. It’s soooo gorgeous.

SK: What do you think are the hottest hair trends right now?

KK: Right now, natural hair, curly hair, and extensions seem to be the dominating trends.

SK: What new styles can we anticipate for the fall?

KK: In the fall, you can expect to see more cuts, especially shags. It’s going to be all about shags, as well as more creative color.

SK: What is the coolest project you’ve ever worked on or experience you’ve had in the business?

KK: I have two actually. When I worked on the movies Dreamgirls and Sparkle, they allowed me to challenge my inner creativity and skills, as I had to create wigs and develop looks that were period pieces. They were styles [from] a different era and I had the opportunity to bring them back to life on the silver screen, and that was waaay cool.

SK: Whose hair in Hollywood do you think needs a total makeover?

KK: I wouldn’t say that she needs a total makeover, but I would like to see Selena Gomez in some color and a really funky cut.

SK: Were you nervous to have your real life documented on camera?

KK: Absolutely, as it’s always risky business to have your personal and professional life on display for the entire world to see. But it’s also a great platform that allows people to see what it takes to run a successful business and empire.

SK: What can we expect from this season?

KK: This season, you can expect to see more great celebrities, fabulous hair, the never-ending salon drama and lots of jaw-dropping moments that are too funny.

SK: Hairstylists often serve as therapists for their clients at times. What’s the craziest story a client has ever told you? Are you good at giving advice?

KK: Well, just like a doctor, I’m sworn to secrecy! But I once had a client — who shall remain nameless — ask me to bead his beard, and initially I thought it was for Halloween or something festive, but when he kept requesting that I bead his beard, it dawned on me that this was something that was just his personal style, so that was a little different for me. When it comes to giving advice, I always say that you can never go wrong, if you just pray. That’s always the best advice.

SK: What’s your advice for other entrepreneurial women like yourself looking to expand their business?

KK: The best advice I can give is to have a thorough business plan as well as a great team.

Don’t miss the season premiere of L.A. Hair, tonight on WE tv!

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