Breaking Bad writer cried when he wrote the last episode

The end of Breaking Bad might be one of the most talked-about TV events this year, and the last episode has already been written. So what exactly does the show have planned for the second half of Season 5?

Breaking Bad

After five years, Breaking Bad will begin the second half of its last season in August. But writer Vince Gilligan said the end will be a sad event for all involved. And for him, the end has already happened.

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“I haven’t told my crew this. I actually cried writing the end – ‘The end’ on the last episode,” Gilligan said. “I haven’t since then.”

Gilligan spoke at a recent event about letting go of a show that has been a part of his life for so long. There are eight episodes of Breaking Bad left, and the writers spent a long time trying to figure out exactly how it should end.

“We sat around in the writer’s room for thousands of man hours playing a game of chess, saying, ‘If we move the character from here to here to here, what happens? What’s the counter-move?'” Gilligan said. “Essentially we said, ‘What are all the possible endings we can come up with?’ And then, ‘What is the ending that satisfies us the most?'”

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The show released its first teaser for the new season (or, second half of the current season) on June 4, with a cryptic message that said only: “All Bad things must come to an end.”

The first of the eight new episodes will air on AMC Aug. 11, and the network’s show Mad Men will also be wrapping up next year.

“We’re trying to enshrine these shows in a way that is meaningful, and really make sure (their final runs) are television events,” AMC chief Charlie Collier explained to USA Today. “We think they will stand the test of time and never be forgotten.”

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Gilligan told the newspaper that even though the writers always knew the general direction of the show, they didn’t have the exact ending until a few months ago. He said Bryan Cranston‘s character’s evolution “was our guiding principle, and we always abided by that. [But] where the particulars of the whole story would wind up, we figured out way late in the game.”