Lindsey Vonn gets drug tested at red carpet event

Jun 5, 2013 at 2:41 p.m. ET

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn knows that at any time she could be drug tested by the International Olympic Committee. On Monday, that's exactly what happened while she was at a red carpet event.


Being an Olympic athlete brings its own set of challenges from daily workouts to months of sacrifice for that Olympic medal. It also involves random drug testing to try to keep the sport clean.

That is exactly what happened to skier Lindsey Vonn, who was attending the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards at Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday night. After the athlete walked the red carpet wearing a custom-made Cynthia Rowley white gown, she received a phone call from the International Olympic Committee.

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Vonn, who is training for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, was informed that drug testers were waiting outside the event to administer the test. Athletes must adhere to the IOC rules and take the test immediately, so arrangements were made by Vonn's host for the evening, Cynthia Rowley, to get the testers into the event.

A source told the New York Post, “Lindsey met the IOC at the bathroom. Cynthia stood guard outside, and no one was allowed to enter the bathroom. They were in there for about five minutes.”

Athletes are required to give their schedules to the IOC as tests are given at random and without any warning. Vonn was asked to "pee in a cup" and the drug test was completed onsite. She passed with flying colors and was told to "have fun" by the IOC staff.

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While this may sound intrusive, it is a daily part of life for elite athletes. In fact, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman was recently tested while visiting Access Hollywood Live during the final week of Dancing with the Stars.

As for Vonn, she's still recovering from a severe knee injury she sustained in early February, but it sounds like boyfriend Tiger Woods is standing by her side.

She revealed to the New York paper, "He’s obviously been through it so he can relate. It’s good to have a strong support system.”

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