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Scarlett Johansson & other celebs who are twins

There are celebs we know are twins, like Tia and Tamera, and then there are those we had no idea shared the womb with a sibling. Check out the list of celebs who we were shocked to learn are part of a set.

Twice as nice

There are celebs we know are twins, like Tia and Tamera, and then
there are those we had no idea shared the womb with a sibling.
Check out the list of celebs who we were shocked to learn are part of a set.


The celeb: Scarlett Johansson
The secret twin: a brother, Hunter

Scarlett Johansson and twin brother Hunter

Not only does Scarlett Johansson have a twin brother named Hunter who — go figure! — is pretty darn cute, but she’s actually shared screen time with her twin bro! Well, they were in the same movie, at least. In 1996’s Manny & Lo, Scarlett played Amanda while Hunter had a bit part as a member of the “Golf Cart Family.” But, hey, People magazine did dub him a hot bachelor in its “Single and Sexy Men of 2008” feature.

The celeb: Gisele Bundchen
The secret twin: a sister, Patricia

Gisele Bundchen with her twin Patricia

These poor girls’ parents! With all the boys that must have come a-knocking on their door during Gisele and Patricia’s high-school years, we doubt Mom and Pop Bundchen ever got any shuteye. While Gisele reportedly was jealous of her “hotter” sister when they were younger, Patricia no longer models. Instead, she acts as her supermodel sis’ PR manager!

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The celeb: Jon Heder
The secret twin: a brother, Dan

Jon and Dan Heder

If he ever needs a stand-in for one of his movie roles, Jon Heder has an unrivaled one in identical twin brother Dan. And by identical, we mean identical — we can’t even tell them apart in pictures. “We caused a lot of trouble by pretending to be each other,” Jon joked to David Letterman. “The memories still give me a good chuckle.” Fun fact: Dan acted as an animator on the kids’ movie Monster House.

The celeb: Alanis Morissette
The secret twin: a brother, Wade

Alanis has put out some pretty angry albums in the past, but maybe her newer, happier stuff is thanks in part to some Zen tips from her twinsie, Wade. Also a singer, Alanis’ twin serves as a spokesman for lululemon athletica apparel — through which he discovered his love for yoga. In 2005, he even joined the lululemon Yoga Pilgrimage and toured to promote his own album.

The celeb: Kiefer Sutherland
The secret twin: a sister, Rachel

Kiefer Sutherland, father Donald, and twin sister Rachel

Kiefer Sutherland might have played a loner on TV’s 24, but in real life he’s got a built-in BFF in twin sister Rachel — who, coincidentally, kind of looks just like Kiefer wearing a wig. She works in Hollywood too, only behind the scenes as a post-production supervisor. So why haven’t we heard of her? Having a father as famous as Donald Sutherland is probably enough to overshadow any other family member.

The celeb: Ashton Kutcher
The secret twin: a brother, Michael

Ashton Kutcher might have kicked off his career picking on others as the host of Punk’d, but the prankster doesn’t joke around when it comes to being a top-notch twin brother. His fraternal twin, Michael, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, leading to developmental issues that often made him the target of teasing. Ashton, who made it his mission to protect his brother against such bullying growing up, “showed me the love one brother has for another,” says Michael.

The celeb: Jill Hennessy
The secret twin: a sister, Jacqueline

Jill Hennessy and twin sister Jacqueline

Aside from a brief foray into acting as Jill’s identical twin escort in the movie Dead Ringers, Jacqueline has maintained a private life as much as possible. A television journalist with a master’s degree in French literature, “Jac” often gets mistaken for her famous sis. “I would never want to subject her to my life, because she’s inadvertently been the subject of such insanity solely by looking like me,” laments Jill. “She gets stalked by people who don’t believe she’s my twin.” So who do they think she is? Well, she looks so much like Jill, crazed fans believe Jac really is Jill… and lying about being her sister to avoid them!

The celeb: Giovanni Ribisi
The secret twin: a sister, Marissa

Giovanni Ribisi and his sister Marissa

You might not have known actor Giovanni Ribisi has a twin, but — chances are — you know his sister Marissa by proxy. You’ve likely seen her work, as the designer who owns clothing brand Whitley Kros, or you’re familiar with her husband, indie rock darling Beck. She’s also starred in a few flicks of her own, including the cult hits Dazed and Confused, The Brady Bunch Movie and Pleasantville.

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