Amanda Bynes gets a job offer from Playboy

Amanda Bynes might be taking her cause to radio. On Tuesday, Playboy Radio offered the troubled star an opportunity to appear on their station.


Another day, another Amanda Bynes story, but this one is rather curious. Instead of the former Nickelodeon star attacking someone on Twitter, she received a job offer from Playboy.

The company is not looking for Bynes to take off her clothes or showcase some of her topless Instagram photos — instead, they want her to cohost their afternoon show on Playboy Radio.

On Tuesday, the official Playboy Radio account tweeted to the retired actress, “@AmandaBynes Seriously, Amanda – we want you to co-host our afternoon show for a day. Please DM your info.”

Joining in the conversation was former Bachelor Bob Guiney who now works as a host at the station.

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He wrote back to Bynes, Playboy and his co-host Jessica Hall, “@PlayboyRadio @AmandaBynes we should give Amanda a full 2 hours Bynedamonium marathon! Whatever she wants!! @iamJessicaHall Let’s do it!”

Whether we will see “Bynedamonium” anytime soon remains to be seen, but the troubled starlet certainly must have liked what she read on the social media site. While she didn’t reply publicly to the tweet, she did retweet Playboy Radio’s original message to her followers.

While the gig would only be a one-day affair, perhaps it would give Bynes a little focus to her life. It’s been in total chaos for the last few years with arrests, Twitter rants and reckless driving.

Her latest tweets defend her innocence in her recent arrest case.

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Yesterday she said, “The DA and my lawyer talked today. They have no proof of drugs on me or around me at anytime during the arrest of after. All I’m becoming is more famous! Thanks for lying about me!”

Let’s hope this newfound notoriety is channeled into a job or a new hobby outside of Twitter.


Image courtesy of Amanda Bynes/Twitter


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