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Nicole Richie talks #CandidlyNicole & Joel’s pet peeves

She’s a mom, wife and career woman — to say the least, Nicole Richie’s life is simple no more. But her sarcastic quips haven’t changed. We caught up with the do-it-all star to get the inside scoop on her newest web series and things that really make hubby Joel Madden tick!

SheKnows: Why did you want to do the show #CandidlyNicole?

Nicole Richie: I find humor in life’s day-to-day experiences and often use Twitter to express myself and interact with my followers without filtering or editing. This series is a great way to explore that further and to bring to life these tweets in a fun and entertaining way.

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SK: We know you meet with a small crew once a week to film the episodes, but what’s the brainstorming process like when picking a tweet to inspire the new episode?

NR: We select tweets that invite viewers into the raw and relatable moments I’ve experienced that they’ve likely experienced too. It’s about picking those tweets that spark an honest and unfiltered conversation, from beauty and fashion concerns to love and relationship issues.

SK: Can you give us a hint about what’s in store for future episodes?

NR: I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that we are covering it all, from hair dilemmas and piercings to how to deal with sleep deprivation and major mom issues.

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SK: Now that your show is based off of your tweets, do you feel more pressure to be unique and funny in the Twittersphere?

NR: Not really. When I compose my tweets, I’m not trying to consciously get laughs or be unique. The series is really just an extension of who I am and my Twitter feed, so it feels so natural.

SK: In episode three, we learned that women shouldn’t wear harem pants around men, but what other items should women leave in their closets when getting ready to hang out with the boys?

NR: Hats! No joke, if one of my girlfriends comes over wearing a hat, Joel immediately hates them. Ladies, save your fedora for a date with your girlfriends.

SK: What kind of feedback has Joel given you about the show?

NR: It made him laugh a few times so I’d say he likes it.

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SK: What has your family said about the new show?

NR: Everyone is very supportive and a little scared I may include them in an episode.

SK: How would you feel about taking it to TV for a 30-minute or longer spot?

NR: I’m open to seeing wherever this goes. I’m really enjoying this process!

Don’t forget to watch #CandidlyNicole on AOL every Tuesday!

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