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New releases to read by the pool

June is the perfect month to spend by the pool, and we have the list of the books that should should be in your bag!

Woman reading book by pool


June is the perfect month to spend by the pool, and we have the list of books that should be in your bag!

The Silver Star

Jeannette Walls

The Silver Star cover

The book that made Jeannette Walls famous, her debut memoir The Glass Castle, might be a little too heavy for a fresh summer read, but her latest endeavor is a great choice. The Silver Star is Walls’ first try at fiction writing and it sounds like it will be a stunner! The year is 1970 and Liz and Bean Holladay are left to fend for themselves when their mother absconds, leaving them with enough cash to last a few months. But when they arrive home one day and find the police outside, they decide to run rather than take their chances. The girls take a bus to Virginia to their uncle’s old, decrepit house, and it’s there they learn the secrets of their family and try to adjust to a new life.


Ladies’ Night

Mary Kay Andrews

Ladies Night cover

If you’ve never tried Southern women’s fiction and you love reads on the lighter side that will make you laugh out loud, then you’re really missing out. Mary Kay Andrews is one of the queens of Southern fiction and her latest novel, Ladies’ Night, is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of readers. When Grace Stanton, a popular lifestyle blogger, finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she loses everything. When she is forced to go to “divorce recovery” sessions, she doesn’t realize that she’ll meet some amazing women who will help her through her divorce (and the humiliation of having to move in with her mother!).


The Guest House

Erika Marks

The Guest House cover

When Lexi Wright has her heart broken, she flees her hometown in Cape Cod, unable to bear the difficult reminders of her former engagement. She returns two years later, thinking she’s healed from her experiences, only to find her former fiancé’s younger brother, Cooper, in town as well. Cooper hires Lexi to do a job, and she agrees, but what she doesn’t expect is that she might find a new love. A startling discovery forces Lexi to look hard at what she wants, as well as her life and the men she’s loved. Erika Marks’ latest is sure to be a beachy fun read that’s quite fit for the summer.


The Moon and More

Sarah Dessen

The Moon and More cover

Sarah Dessen’s novels have become synonymous with quality contemporary young adult novels, so it’s with eager anticipation that we’re looking forward to her latest. Don’t let the YA genre fool you; Dessen’s novels are appealing and have truths that will speak to readers of all ages. The Moon and More features Emaline, who’s been dating Luke for all of high school. Everyone tells her that he’s the perfect guy and she agrees. But for some reason, she still isn’t completely happy. When Theo enters the picture, Emaline is torn. She loves that Theo wants more for her than her small town, but can Emaline have everything she wants?

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