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Mistresses recap: Meet the other women

ABC’s Mistresses is already stirring up controversy. Do you think it deserves an ongoing affair? Or is it a sneak-out-of-the-bedroom-before-he-wakes-up kind of thing?

The cast in Mistresses


Meet Savannah (Alyssa Milano), a woman who exudes sexuality and confidence and doesn’t care if he’s married. In fact, she likes it. When it’s her husband, that is. You see, she and her husband have lost their spark in the bedroom so Mistresses begins as they attempt to reignite a little passion through role-play. It doesn’t work so well, leaving Savannah feeling awkward and let down about the whole encounter.

Not only do she and her husband want to reignite their connection, they also want to have a baby. That isn’t going so well either. Her husband’s sperm doesn’t quite function properly, which isn’t helping their relationship.

Her trouble at home drives her to accept the advances of her co-worker, leading to a steamy affair.

Unfortunately, none of Savannah’s friends are faring much better.

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AprilJosslyn in Mistresses

Moving on to April whose friend plants a sex app on her phone, which she doesn’t know about until some creeper tracks her down looking for some action.

April can’t get over her husband Paul who passed away three years ago. She’s getting prank phone calls she thinks are from him — a sign she shouldn’t move on. Coupled with the fact that April is raising her 10-year-old daughter Lucy, she doesn’t have time for men. Just after April finishes explaining this to her friends, April meets Richard who is a single father himself.

Despite their mutual attraction, April freaks out just before their first date. In the end, she asks Richard out again and the two have a promising spark.

Right before her date with Richard, a woman shows up on April’s front door. The woman says she is the one who has been calling April. The woman was having an affair with April’s husband Paul before he passed away. The two had a son together.

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Karen wants things to be interesting. She gets more than she bargained for. Her client Tom admits he’s in love with her after he discovers he has a mass on his lungs. They start an affair despite his limited time and his wife. Once Tom passes, Karen struggles with her affair, especially when Tom’s son Sam admits he knows his father was sleeping with another woman. He doesn’t know whom, though. Sam only found a letter from the mistress.

Things get even more complicated when the insurance wants to do an autopsy on Tom, which the family doesn’t want. That’s good news for Karen, who gave Tom an overdose of morphine to help him die when Tom asked her to.

The bad news is Sam has taken an interest in Karen. He flirts with her and makes his intentions pretty obvious with a bouquet of flowers and the promise to call.

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Last in the group, Josslyn is Savannah’s carefree younger sister. She’s a realtor who is happy to bang ’em and leave ’em when it comes to men. In fact, she’s having an affair with her boss but actively encourages him not to leave his wife. That doesn’t stop him from trying to buy her a house, though.

Things get even more complicated for Josslyn when she has a connection with a lesbian woman who looks at one of Josslyn’s property listings with her significant other.

Will you keep watching this season of Mistresses?

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