Revolution recap: “The Dark Tower

The U.S. is making a comeback and, surprisingly, so is Monroe. The tables were turned so many times tonight that it’s hard to know who’s on whose side anymore.

Miles and Monroe fight in Revolution

Oh, by the way, did we mention there’s a U.S. colony at Guantanamo Bay of all places? Revolution sort of left that one out along with one other little plot twist we couldn’t have seen. Add that tidbit to a gruesome fight for the power that is finally settled and you have the Season 1 finale. The teams shifted dramatically forming new alliances and grudges.

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Rachel vs. Charlie

The show started tonight with Grace explaining the possible repercussions of turning the power back on. Everything could go smoothly and the power could be safely returned, or the world could end. Would you take the chance? Rachel would, and she sets out to complete her mission no matter what Grace or the others at the Tower say.

While looking at one of the Tower computers, Aaron discovers he knows the code. In fact, he wrote it while he was at MIT. Because Aaron wrote the code, he also knows how to deactivate it.

Elsewhere in the Tower, Randall finds a key card behind some pictures in the Tower, which allows him access to certain restricted areas. He takes advantage of this to, hopefully, gain access to level 12.

Rachel also gets an access card. She uses chloroform to knock Grace out and takes her card. Then Rachel, Aaron, Charlie and Nora head toward level 12. Before they can reach the level, Dan and his men attack. Nora is able to set off an explosion, but gets hit with shrapnel in the process. She is bleeding badly. Aaron, Charlie and Rachel drag her to safety in a locked room.

Rachel knows they have to leave Nora. She and Aaron continue on to level 12 while Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) keeps pressure on Nora’s wound. Charlie doesn’t want to lose anyone else and doesn’t think Rachel made the right decision to leave.

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Miles and Monroe vs. TomCharlie and Miles try to save Nora in Revolution

Meanwhile, Miles (Billy Burke) and Monroe (David Lyons) face off, again, and beat each other up, again. They land in a sewer, which takes them out of the Tower. Once they’re on land, they start hitting each other, again. Until someone else starts shooting. Then, they’re on the same side. The shooter is a Militia soldier and, much to Monroe’s shock, the soldier doesn’t stop shooting when Monroe reveals his identity. Monroe is taken captive and dragged back to the Militia camp where Tom is waiting. He has taken over as head of the Militia. Though he pretends to bring some honor to the position for Jason’s sake, Tom really is just as bad as Monroe.

When Tom leaves to inspect a hole his soldiers have blown into the side of the Tower, Miles sneaks into the tent where Monroe is being held. He tells Monroe that he should stop asking why Miles tried to kill him and instead ask why Miles couldn’t kill him. Miles explains he couldn’t kill Monroe because, no matter what, they are brothers. He cuts Monroe loose. Then Miles heads back to the Tower.

Miles finds Charlie and Nora. Nora is fading fast, but Miles refuses to leave her. He carries her to the Tower’s infirmary. Nora dies in his arms before they make it.

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Rachel and Aaron vs. Tom and the Militia soldiers

Rachel and Aaron race to level 12 and get there at the same time Tom and his soldiers arrive. Miles and Charlie arrive shortly after, guns blazing, and a fight begins. Cue lots more death and blood.

Rachel gains access to the control room on level 12. She, Charlie, Aaron and Miles make it inside and close the doors. Charlie angrily tells Rachel that Nora is dead.

Aaron starts working on the shutdown scripts at the Tower’s control panel.

Tom tries to break down the door. He wants all of them dead and challenges Jason to stop him.

Meanwhile, Aaron is successful and the power starts to return. We see flashes from Georgia and Philadelphia as the light go on.

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The U.S. vs. Georgia and the Militia

A light turns on in the Tower and Randall is revealed inside a room just outside the control room. He thanks Aaron and Rachel for turning the power back on. Randall wants the power on so he can burn down the old and build the new. He launches two ICBMs at Philadelphia and Georgia. Randall wants to rebuild the nation because a house divided cannot stand. He is a patriot and has been this entire time. After launching the missiles, he shoots himself in the head.

The show then takes us to a new scene. The location is the U.S. colony at Guantanamo Bay. A man enters a room and tells another man that Randall Flynn was successful. The first man says this means, “it’s time to go home, Mr. President.”

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