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Game of Thrones recap: “The Rains of Castamere

Another king loses in the game of thrones, proving that Ned Stark’s death was only the beginning. Winter is coming, or maybe it’s already here.

Walder Frey in Game of Thrones

I’ve been waiting all of Season 3 on Game of Thrones for this moment. I’ve read all the books and knew it was coming. Even that didn’t soften the blow. Remember when Ned Stark died and every Game of Thrones fan thought it was the worst — albeit genius — thing the show could do? This episode proved his death was only the beginning and nothing compared to the winter that’s coming.


Dany’s new ally (and potential boyfriend — we see her giving him those googly eyes) Daario has a plan for taking over Yunkai. Dany and Grey Worm trust Daario and decide to take his advice. Jorah and Sir Barristan, on the other hand, don’t trust Daario, but they do as the queen wants.

The men invade the city and make it past the first round of guards, but there are more than anticipated. Still, Dany’s men are victorious. They sack the city.

Daario returns to Dany. He presents her with a map of the city and tells her it’s hers.

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The wildlings want to steal an old man’s horses and kill the man in the process so he can’t tell the Night’s Watch. Jon stops Ygritte from killing the old man, but the wildlings catch up to him. They give Jon the sword to make him, once again, prove his loyalty by killing the old man. Ygritte encourages Jon to do it, and he almost does.

Little does Jon know, Summer and Shaggydog witness everything that’s happening. The wildlings are right below the windmill where Bran and Rickon are hiding. Summer attacks one of the wildlings before the old man is killed.

Ygritte fights on Jon’s side against the wildlings. Jon manages to grab one of the horses and rides off, leaving Ygritte behind.

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Bran and the gang hole up for the night in an abandoned windmill because Jojen says there’s a storm coming.

The wildlings, with Jon in their group, approach the windmill.

Hodor is making loud noises, yelling his name because he’s afraid of the storm. Bran goes inside Hodor’s head and makes him quiet down so the wildlings won’t hear him shouting. Then, Bran uses his ability again to go inside Summer’s head. Summer attacks the wildling with Jon because Bran directs him to.

Bran finally accepts that he is a Warg — someone who can get inside animal’s minds. Bran admits he saw Jon with the wildlings while Bran was in Summer’s head. Bran saw Jon ride away from the wildlings.

Osha doesn’t want to go beyond the wall. Bran tells her he isn’t asking her to go with him. Bran wants Osha to take Rickon and keep him safe while Bran continues to travel past the wall with Jojen and Meera.

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Lord Bolton in Game of Thrones


Robb goes to the Freys and asks for forgiveness. Walder Frey accepts Robb’s apology and says he intends to put the whole engagement mess behind them.

Robb’s uncle, Edmure Tully, marries one of the young Frey girls and is, surprisingly, taken with her.

The Freys celebrate the wedding with the Starks and Robb’s men. Talisa tells Rob she wants to name their child Eddard if it’s a boy. Talisa, Rob and Catelyn watch the wedding ceremony from afar until the doors close.

Once the festivities have been taken elsewhere, Walder Frey’s true intentions are revealed. He tells Robb he hasn’t been given the welcome he deserves. One of Walder Frey’s men comes up behind Talisa and stabs her repeatedly in the belly. Then archers appear above the hall and shoot down Robb and Catelyn.

Robb manages to crawl to Talisa. She is dead.

Catelyn grabs Walder Frey’s wife and puts a knife to her throat. She begs Walder Frey to spare Robb’s life. But Robb can’t let Talisa go. Lord Bolton stabs Robb and says the Lannisters send their regards. Robb dies in front of Catelyn, who then kills Walder Frey’s wife in her grief. Then, Catelyn’s throat is slit as well.

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Aria and the Hound arrive at the Freys’ celebration, but they aren’t allowed entrance.

Aria sees Rob’s men being attacked in the night.

She finds Rob’s direwolf Grey Wind as he is killed by the Frey men. Aria knows there is trouble. She goes to the Hound, who tells her it’s too late. The Hound knocks her out and rides off with her.

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Other things to note

  • We saw from a brief clip that Sam and Gilly made it alive past the White Walkers. They have reached the Wall.
  • We didn’t see anything from Casterly Rock tonight. Nothing at all on how poor Mrs. Tyrion Lannister (aka Sansa Stark) is faring.
  • No word on Jamie and Brienne, either. With, arguably, the biggest shocker in the history of the show tonight, there really wasn’t much time for any characters besides Robb and Catelyn.
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