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Philip Seymour Hoffman treated for drug abuse

Philip Seymour Hoffman recently spent time in a detox center to get a handle on a growing drug problem that started with prescription pills and ended in heroin use.

After reporting about so many celebrities with drug issues, it’s nice when you discover someone who Philip Seymour Hoffmandidn’t let things go too far before seeking help. Philip Seymour Hoffman recently spent time in a detox center to get a handle on a growing drug problem.

A source confirmed to E! News that Hoffman checked out of a clinic last Friday after spending 10 days in treatment for heroin. Hoffman’s addiction started slowly with prescription drugs a year ago but accelerated into snorting heroin. The source reports that the 45-year-old only did heroin for approximately a week, at which point he recognized his downward spiral and decided to seek help by entering a facility somewhere on the East Coast.

Hoffman was able to take this much-needed step thanks to support from friends and family.

“He recognized it and took care of it,” the source said. “He’s doing well and back to work.”

This is not the first time Hoffman has struggled with substance abuse, but the actor had been clean for 23 years before the recent relapse.

We are happy to hear that Hoffman sought help before letting things spiral out of control. Just yesterday, we reported that Rick Schroder felt sorry for Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan because of all their substance abuse problems and the fact that it looked like no one around them seemed to care or want to help. It looks like Lohan’s parents are on board to help with her recovery, but what about Bynes and the other troubled celebrities out there? Maybe if all of them had friends and family around them like Hoffman did, they’d be getting the help that they need.

Of course, Hoffman did a lot himself, and there’s no denying that it’s mostly up to the drug user to seek assistance for his or her problem. With an example like Hoffman, perhaps more celebrities will find the strength to seek help, too.

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