Hannibal recap: Will Graham kill again

Jun 7, 2013 at 5:25 a.m. ET

When Gideon escapes, he goes on a murdering rampage to lure the true Chesapeake Ripper out of hiding, but his plan takes a deadly turn when he comes face to face with Will Graham.

Gideon's on the loose

Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is having the hardest time keeping it together these days. Not only is he suffering from nightmares and hallucinations, but his anxiety is starting to have a physical effect on his health. He's in a constant sweaty and pale state, yet he manages to maintain that non-threatening cuteness that makes us swoon. That's skill.

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The mental and physical collapse have both had a negative effect on his latest case. Gideon (Eddie Izzard) has managed to escape by murdering his entourage as he was being transported to another location. He's using his newfound freedom to find his true identity because he's still confused about whether he actually is the Ripper or not. Will's convinced he isn't, but it's hard for him to focus when he's walking around in what can only be described as an acid trip gone terribly wrong.

Gideon decides to multitask by enacting revenge on his previous doctors while also trying to figure out if he's the brilliant serial killer or simply a man that snapped once. He's doing a pretty gruesome job of acting like the Ripper by slitting one of his ex-doc's throats and pulling his tongue through the open wound. Seriously gross. But, through his experiment, he realizes he really isn't the Ripper because he never manages to recreate the murders perfectly.

Instead he tries to lure the Ripper out of hiding by kidnapping Freddie and cutting the organs out of a still living victim. Will happens to stumble upon Gideon, but this is where his health really interferes. Instead of seeing Gideon, he starts hallucinating Hobbs. Knowing Hobbs is dead, he brings Gideon to Hannibal's office hoping the good doctor would help him get his head on straight. Well that's the last thing Hannibal is good for these days.

Instead, Dr. Lecter says that there isn't even another man in the room and Will showed up by himself. On the verge of a complete breakdown, Will winds up having a seizure. While Will was in a comatose state, Hannibal told Gideon where he could find Anabel (another one of his ex-doctors) so he could make her his next victim.

Then Hannibal manipulates Will into tracking Gideon at Anabel's house. Of course, Will winds up shooting the deranged killer, which is clearly the worst thing for this guy's mental health.

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While Hannibal's motives aren't entirely clear, he seems genuinely concerned about Will's mental health. He even tells his therapist that he thinks Will could be someone he could have a friendship with. It's almost sweet, except that Hannibal would make the scariest friend imaginable. Seriously, Freddie Krueger's got nothing on this guy. Do the poor man a favor and refer him to another doctor, Lecter!

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