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Music review: Jessie J feat. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal “Wild

Jessie J is no longer the raven-haired firecracker we once knew; she’s now a blond, bald firecracker we love, and shows it off in her new single.

Jessie J

Nowadays if you hear a celebrity went bald, your first thought isn’t that it was for anything other than a breakdown (Thanks, Britney Spears).

Unlike our darling Britney, this “Domino” singer went bald for the UK’s 25th Annual Comic Relief Fundraiser.

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I’ve had friends go bald, and to me, bald is sexy (everyone is entitled to his or her preferences)! And Jessie J may dissolve any doubt you may have in her feverishly hot new music video. The video is for the track “Wild,” which features rappers Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal.

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Besides a catchy hook, those rapping verses give this single an addicting urban flair that I like seeing Jessie involved in. She’s got a fire about her, and this song has her blending seamlessly with the quick lines Dizzee drops, and the laid-back swag Big Sean oozes.

The single will be the first taste we get of her second album, and it’s a doozy. You will hear exactly what I’m talking about when you press play. Her vocal delivery is scorching, which is something I’ve come to expect of this diva, but her onscreen debut as a sex symbol has even me reconsidering how I’ve labeled her ? because I certainly didn’t think of her as one.

Sure, she’s always had a intense vocals and an edgy vibe, but I was always pretty quick to dismiss her. She wasn’t even in my Top 20 favorite musicians, even though she’s so talented ? I just struggled to connect with her as a music industry leader.

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But oh boy, upon watching and listening to this song, I suddenly started comparing her to Rita Ora (demeanor-wise), and I realized she’s reinventing her look and her sound in a way that will please the masses. Oh, but don’t worry, when you watch the video, she still retains that Jessie J individuality (even though she is dancing around in a bra and panties for practically all of it).

She’s trying something new, and I say you should, too! Stop reading and go listen to it now! Warning: Get ready for this track to get stuck in your head. Good job, Jessie, you hit a home run on this one.

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