Two and a Half Men adds a girl to replace Angus T. Jones

After Angus T. Jones’ departure from the show, the storyline was up in the air. CBS has revealed a little more about what it is planning for the new season, and it (somehow) involves Charlie Sheen.

Angus T. Jones Two and a Half Men will soon be an inaccurate title for the long-running CBS show. After the departure of Angus T. Jones (the half man in the title) at the end of last season, the network scrambled to figure out how to replace him. And it looks like it will be bringing in a girl to replace Jones’ character.

Charlie Sheen blames Lorre for Angus T. Jones’ breakdown >>

“A young-ish chick is being added to the cast of the longrunning CBS comedy series, as a series regular — the previously unknown love-child of Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen),” The Washington Post reports. “She shows up at Harper’s house, though Dad’s dead and the house is now owned by Ashton Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt. The new girl will move in with Walden and her uncle Alan (Jon Cryer) who is Walden’s permanent house guest.”

Sheen left the show in 2011 after having disagreements with creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. According to the newspaper, Harper’s love child was apparently known to him before his death on the show. The new girl will replace the void left by Jones, who left for his own reasons (it involved calling the show “filth” in a YouTube rant).

“Jones, who had been one of the highest paid teen actors on TV, has been busted down to ‘recurring’ status on the show,” The Washington Post reported. “Jones will spend his free time attending college, and mulling the financial repercussions of taking a page from the Charlie Sheen School of Self-Destruction.”

After Jones’ comments, he made nice with Lorre and could be back for a few episodes. Ashton Kutcher replaced Sheen when he left and is reportedly making around $725,000 an episode, whereas Sheen made around $2 million per episode.

CBS hasn’t announced (or possibly hasn’t even casted) the new girl, but speculation is already running wild.

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