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“Pathetic” LeAnn Rimes considering surrogacy, adoption

LeAnn Rimes is on the promo trail for her new album Spitfire, but all anyone wants to talk about is whether or not she’ll have babies anytime soon.

LeAnn Rimes wants babiesLeAnn Rimes is already a “bonus mom” to stepsons Mason, 9, and Jake, 6, but she’s ready to welcome a child of her own with husband Eddie Cibrian.

“Testosterone is all around here so I need a little girl!” the 31-year-old singer told People of her desire to add to her family.

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Rimes has come a long way in the two years since she married Cibrian. The pair started an affair while filming the made-for-television movie Northern Lights in 2008 and their relationship quickly transformed into daily tabloid fodder.

“I was feeling all these crazy emotions and feeling terrible about myself and was disgusted by myself and thought I was pathetic,” she told Us Weekly of her affair. “I remember talking to Eddie and I was like, ‘Are you scared?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ We both could have walked away and said, ‘Screw this. This is too much.’ And we haven’t and still don’t.”

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Don’t expect Rimes to get pregnant right away, though. The singer said she’s considering all of her options, including adoptions and surrogacy, because difficult pregnancies run in her family.

“It took my mom 12 years to have me. I hope I don’t have that [issue] but if I do, then a surrogate is something I’ve thought about,” she added to People. “Eddie and I have also talked about adopting. My capacity to love a child doesn’t stop at my own eggs, obviously!”

Maybe she can seek advice from her pal — and new mom — Giuliana Rancic? We know G has plenty of helpful advice when it comes to surrogacy!

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