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June must-reads

It’s hard to believe that the summer is upon us, but one thing it does mean is that great books are headed our way! June has a bevy of great new releases, and we’ve brought you the best of the best.


The Engagements

J. Courtney Sullivan

The Engagements cover

The Engagements is the newest novel from summer favorite J. Courtney Sullivan, and this time, she tackles the cultural history of diamonds. Diamonds didn’t always mean forever — at least, not until copywriter Frances Gerety wrote the “A Diamond is Forever” tagline for De Beers in 1947. Sullivan’s novel traces the cultural legacy of diamonds through many different characters, spread across time and space. Gorgeously written with excellently drawn characters, this is a book you absolutely don’t want to miss.



Curtis Sittenfeld

Sisterland cover

For acclaimed writer Curtis Sittenfeld’s last novel, she tackled a thinly fictionalized biography of former first lady Laura Bush. Now, Sittenfeld takes on the complicated and difficult relationship between sisters. Twin sisters Kate and Violet have always been different from everyone else. They were born with a sort of sixth sense about things, and though they’ve tried to hide it, each is aware of that strangeness. Now, in their adulthood, Kate has pursued a more normal path while Violet works as a psychic. When Violet predicts an earthquake on national TV, Kate is mortified, but she must also face the thought that her sister could be right.


The Lemon Orchard

Luanne Rice

The Lemon Orchard cover

Luanne Rice’s name has become synonymous with quality women’s fiction, and her latest novel is no exception. In The Lemon Orchard, Julia must face the chasm of grief that has come with her daughter’s death. She wants nothing more than to be left alone with her dog, and so the house-sitting job that comes her way sounds perfect and will leave her in solitude. But Julia doesn’t expect to find companionship in Roberto, the man who tends the lemon orchard. It turns out that she and Roberto have a tragedy in common, both having lost their daughters. As Roberto tells his story to Julia, they both find a way to heal together.


A Hundred Summers

Beatriz Williams

A hundred Summers cover

If you’re looking for the absolute perfect summer beach read, look no further, because you’ve found it. A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams is not only juicy and riveting, it’s beautifully written and will make you long for sun and sand. Lily Dane enjoys summers at Seaview with her family, but she’s in for a surprise this year: her ex-best friend, Budgie, and ex-fiancé, Nick, are making an appearance. Set in 1938, the year of a horrific, devastating hurricane, this novel is about secrets, love, loss and everything in between.

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