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Revolution recap: “Children of Men

With the Season 1 finale only a week away, Revolution is taking the fight up a notch. The war between the rebels and Militia converges at the Tower. Warning: This episode is not for the faint of heart.

The rebels make it to the Tower in Revolution

The season finale of Revolution is only a week away, and it’s shaping up to be quite the showdown. It’s the Militia vs. the rebels in a battle for control of the Tower. Rachel’s attempt to blow herself and Monroe (David Lyons) to smithereens didn’t exactly go as planned. (Not that we expected them to kill Monroe. The show has been renewed for a second season, after all.) But after getting into the Tower, the rebels have bigger issues.

The episode starts with the rebels reaching the Tower. (You’ll remember their helicopter broke down last time on the show.)

Just before the grenade explodes, one of Monroe’s men manages to tackle Rachel and throw the bomb outside the tent. Monroe then takes Rachel prisoner and uses her to gain access to the Tower. Once the Militia is inside, Randall admits to Rachel that when he was last at the Tower, he left Grace there to find a way to access the infamous Level 12. Apparently, if you can reach this level in the Tower, you will be able to spy on anybody in the world and kill them, too, if you choose. Of course, Monroe wants access.

Unknown to the Militia, once the doors of the Tower open to allow them access, they close again leaving the rest of the soldiers on the other side without any way in. There is a room full of people watching the Militia’s every move. Once the doors close, these people decide to go and meet their “guests.”

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Jason thinks Tom should lead

The rebels find Aaron in the woods and devise a plan to get through the Militia who are guarding the Tower doors.

A firefight ensues as the rebels break through the Militia soldiers to the Tower. Aaron uses a code from Grace’s book to get the doors of the Tower open again amidst the shooting. Miles (Billy Burke) decides to close the doors once he, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Nora, and Aaron are inside, leaving Jason and Tom to contend with the Militia on their own.

The Militia take Tom and Jason prisoner. Tom successfully reasons with the soldiers with Jason’s help. When Tom proposes someone else would be a better leader besides Monroe, Jason surprises everyone by suggesting Tom for the position. It is enough to convince the Militia soldiers that Monroe really is crazy, and they free Tom and Jason.

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It’s a bloody messMiles fights in the Tower in Revolution

Monroe, Rachel, Randall, and a few Militia soldiers reach Level 11, where the elevator stops abruptly. The doors slide open and people begin shooting indiscriminately. Bodies of the soldiers start exploding from whatever weapon the people in the Tower are using. It’s a pretty violent episode!

Rachel and Monroe manage to make it inside a safe room, and Monroe finds a stock of weapons. Rachel refuses to really speak to Monroe, let alone help him. But when Monroe admits to Rachel he has a child — so he is very aware of the blood that’s on his hands — his words are enough to convince Rachel. Finally, we hear something about this baby! Monroe says he has been looking for the child but, so far, the search has been unsuccessful.

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Aaron’s the Tower celebrity

The rebels also make it to Level 11. By this time, the fight is over, but the bodies and blood are left over for them to witness. Wisely fearing for their lives, they run into a room and barricade the door. Just as Miles and the rest of the gang are able to climb through a vent, someone starts blowing holes in the door. They barely escape into another room where the shooting continues.

Monroe comes out of nowhere with Rachel and saves the rebels from getting blown to bits. Charlie is reunited with her mother, but she wants an explanation why Rachel is working with Monroe. Charlie isn’t the only one who faces a confrontation, Monroe and Miles find themselves at the end of the other’s gun once again.

The people in the Tower apprehend Charlie, Rachel, and Aaron, and take them to a room full of people, including Grace.

Grace knows Aaron and tells him he’s a big deal around here. Dan, another one of Rachel’s Department of Defense buddies, is also with these people. They have been guarding the Tower. They are protecting anyone from reaching Level 12, which Dan explains has more power than any person should possess.

Dan and Grace take away Aaron’s book and burn it. Grace explains that if Rachel flips the switch to turn the power back on, she will most likely save the world. There is also a small chance she would set the world on fire.

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