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The Goodwin Games recap: Taking care of one another

On the second episode of The Goodwin Games, “Welcome Home, Goodwins,” the siblings reunite with some old friends, get themselves into some trouble and discover the only way out is to help one another.

The Goodwin Game episode 2 - Welcome Home, Goodwins

I really liked the whole theme to this episode. The siblings are living back in Granby according to their dearly departed dad’s wishes and get their next set of instructions to bring them closer to their inheritance: take care of one another. So of course immediately they all go off in different directions and get into all kinds of trouble on their own.

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First, Henry (Scott Foley) tells Lucinda (Kat Foster) that Kate is coming to visit, thinking it will break her heart. But it turns out she’s dating a cop and Henry isn’t so much jealous of her new beau as he is unhappy with being put into the same category.

Speaking of the cop, the guy is also an old buddy of Jimmy’s (T.J. Miller) and the two of them have a nice little reunion. Well, that is except for the fact that Jimmy — still desperately trying to keep Frankie from beating him up — has stolen some stuff and of course Keith is the one looking for the thief.

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Meanwhile, Chloe (Becki Newton) is trying desperately to win back April’s (Melissa Tang) friendship and tries to accomplish this task by throwing a big party and inviting everyone in town. That’s when Chloe finds out that it’s not just April who doesn’t like her anymore.

In the end, when all of them have floundered on their own and done about as much damage to themselves as they possibly could, they finally remember their father’s words and turn to one another for help. Like I said in my first review, it’s the sweet moments mixed in with the funny ones that get me on this show, and watching all three siblings come together to help one another out was what did it for me in this episode.

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My favorite bits:

Jimmy breaking down all the “normal” stuff that happened to them since their father died.

“Oh no, if you don’t show up for your job people might die. No wait, that’s me.”

“You have health insurance?”
“It comes with car insurance, right?”
“You have car insurance?”
(Scoffs) “No.”

Henry’s plan to fast-forward through their father’s speech completely backfiring on him.

“Best way to get cream cheese out of your hair — dog shampoo.”
“Good to know.”
“I should not know that!”

“Kate’s coming out for a few days so we’ll be up in my room, but it won’t be quiet.” T.J. Miller in The Goodwin Games episode 2 - Welcome Home, Goodwins
“Sweet — conjugal.”
“No, we fight a lot.”

Henry and Jimmy running off when Chloe reunited with Danielle.

“What is this, a Footloose town?”

“I’m a minister, not an Aztec.”

“It’s gonna be binoculars. That’s half bananas and half ridiculous.”
“No, it’s not.”

“My awkward charm is wearing you down!”

Keith reading Jimmy his rights… to eat a big bag of farts.

Henry walking in on Chloe’s party and finding her sitting all alone with a DJ and one creepy guy.

Henry’s fake scream when they found Chloe’s friends hanging out at the bar.

“Was your dad the school janitor?”
“No, but that’s what you told everyone.”

“Are we really debating the existence of my fiancée?”

Henry calling Keith “Roscoe P. Coltrane.”

“God, what is the population in this town, like six?”

The different ways that Keith and Henry chose to clear out the bar after the fire started. Personally, I think, “Fire! Everybody run!” is the better way to go.

“Frankie keeps sending me text messages saying that if I don’t pay him what I owe, he’s going to do all kinds of things to my knees. And my butt.”

Jimmy’s version of a “heartfelt speech.”

Chloe putting cream cheese in her own hair, and mustard, and dancing around in a little jig. If that didn’t prove to April she was sorry, I don’t know what would.

“He bit off the tail of a lizard on a dare — from himself.”

Elijah showing up again out of the blue.

What did you think of the second episode? Did you enjoy the theme of all the siblings having to take care of one another?

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