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John Stamos’ best Twit pics

John Stamos stole our hearts as Uncle Jesse on Full House, and now he’s just landed a recurring role on season three of USA’s Necessary Roughness. To get a peek behind the scenes and into our favorite TV bad boy’s real life, though, we turned to his Twitter page. These pics are definitely worth more than 140 characters!


Stamos Twit pic 1

Even if this isn’t technically his pic (he retweeted it), we can’t resist seeing Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky back together again. Seriously, neither of them has aged at all!

@JohnStamos: “I’m proud to be your first! RT ?@LoriLoughlin My first tweet. @JohnStamos 30 years later you haven’t aged. Love you”


Stamos Twit pic 2

Totally inappropriate, yet oh so good! We can’t wait to see the romance develop between these two on the new season of Necessary Roughness. It’s gonna be juicy…

@JohnStamos: “Can someone please explain what out-law co-star Callie Thorne is doing to me in this picture? @NecRoughness”


Stamos Twit pic 3

Any man who is a fan of Disney is a friend of ours. Looking good, John Stamos, looking good.

@JohnStamos: “I love @epcot”


Stamos Twit pic 4

Oh, John Stamos, you’re always at the top of our popular page! PS, how cute is it that he has such a good relationship with his niece? We sure do love a family man.

@JohnStamos: “My sweetheart niece @haleykurlfink texted me saying I’m on the popular page. cool!”


Stamos Twit pic 5

John Stamos always knows how to have a good time, even at work. LOL, too funny!

@JohnStamos: “It’s Grab your Boob Wednesday on the set of #newnormal with @Georgia_MayKing”


Stamos Twit pic 6

So many great actors, so little time! Now, this is one group of guys we certainly wouldn’t mind hanging out with…

@JohnStamos: “Me, @TomHanks and @CourtneyBVance at “Lucky Guy” on B’way. Photobombing courtesy of Jon Hamm.”


Stamos Twit pic 7

OK, so this is another retweeted photo. But come on, the look on his face is totally priceless! #obsessed

@JohnStamos: “Your breath terrifies me- you I love RT @funnybrad @JohnStamos is afraid of midgets! Look at how terrified he looks.”


Stamos Twit pic 8

Whelp, it looks like the first day of filming went well! There’s way too much adorableness going on here for words.

@JohnStamos: “Me and my old pal @scottecohen squishing the adorable Callie Thorne on my first day of Necessary Roughness.”


Stamos Twit pic 9

The only thing sweeter than seeing a man cuddle a baby is a man who helps save babies. Ahem, John Stamos!

@JohnStamos: “My heartfelt thanks @DENISE_RICHARDS & @KristinDavis for their love and support shooting our new @Project_Cuddle vid.”


Stamos Twit pic 10

Acting isn’t the only talent John Stamos was blessed with. The guy can jam too!

@JohnStamos: “Honor playing w/ jazz cats RT @SpaghettiniJazz JS playing w/ @justkoz @peterwhitegtr @mindiabair @SpaghettiniJazz”

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Photo credit: @JohnStamos

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