From ER to Friends: Swoon-worthy Stamos appearances

Jun 4, 2013 at 3:27 a.m. ET

We love feeling surprised by the presence of John Stamos, whether in our dreams or by a random Stamos spotting in a beloved television show. Aside from Full House, in which popular television shows has he graced us with his presence?

John Stamos

If you keep your eyes open, John Stamos is everywhere. And he's gorgeous. Without further ado, here is our list of top Stamos sightings in recent years, in reverse chronological order.


The New Normal

Sadly, The New Normal was recently canceled by NBC after just one season on the air. The cancellation is really too bad, because 1) the show was funny, 2) John Stamos had a recurring guest role and 3) he made out with Ellen Barkin in an episode, which was weird but strangely progressive.


Two and a Half Men

Who is that attractive gentleman playing "Prospective House Buyer," you ask? Is he dark, handsome and in possession of eyes that cut through a woman's heart like a laser? You're right. John Stamos played "Prospective House Buyer" on the 2011 episode of Two and a Half Men titled "Nice to meet you, Walden Schmidt."


Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit

In a creepy turn for John Stamos, he guest starred on the popular Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as perpetrator Ken Turner, who intentionally impregnated over 20 women without their consent. We prefer Uncle Jesse any day.



We love when John Stamos takes on roles that afford him the opportunity to showcase his flirty side. His role on Glee as Dr. Carl Howell, a.k.a. the sexiest dentist alive, definitely offered many opportunities for fans to ogle his charisma and musical talent. He showed off his singing chops on the show for the duration of his stint, but was written off when he endured a divorce with one of the main characters.



Mr. Stamos joined the cast of ER in its twelfth season and stayed with the show until the end of the series as Dr. Tony Gates. During his four year run with the show, viewers were able to enjoy copious amounts of rebellion, love triangles, drama and life-saving at the hands of John Stamos. We only wish he had joined the cast sooner.


Jake in Progress

John Stamos actually played the lead character in this short-lived television show about a New York publicist attempting to reform into a one-woman man. It was canceled and the spot was filled by a rerun of The Bachelor, which seems an unfortunate choice.



In the episode "The One with the Donor," married couple Monica and Chandler learned that they were infertile and needed to consider a sperm donor. Enter John Stamos because, hey, it's John Stamos. Chandler tried to convince Monica that John Stamos' character, Zack, would make a perfect sperm donor. This, of course, created a great amount of confusion and hilarity, as sexy Zack had no idea that he was enlisted for this task.


Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (1992)

We don't remember much about Hangin' with Mr. Cooper except that Uncle Jesse himself made a guest appearance during the second episode of Season One. We're not sure what he was doing or why he was there, but John Stamos as Uncle Jesse most assuredly popped by to say hello.

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