Mariah Carey curses as wardrobe malfunctions on live TV

May 24, 2013 at 2:27 p.m. ET

While on Good Morning America, Mariah Carey slips up and says the s-word, plus suffers a minor wardrobe malfunction.

Mariah Carey curses and suffers wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning America

It was supposed to be a simple morning for Mariah Carey today: get up, do a segment on Good Morning America, sing a little bit and have fun entertaining her fans. Unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for the singer this morning when it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did.

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First miss Carey came out in a lovely Donatella Versace dress, but things went quickly awry when she admitted that she needed "a moment" because her dress was still unzipped. In the later segment, Carey was onstage again chatting with anchor Lara Spencer when suddenly she realized the zipper had actually popped on the gown.

"I love you Donatella, but it popped, darling," Carey said when she felt the zipper give way.

Here's a video of the wardrobe malfunction.


Carey returned in a bright pink number, but her troubles weren't quite over yet. As she got onstage, she let out an "Oh sh*t!" before quickly backpedaling and telling the audience "You didn't hear that."

Here's a video of the cursing incident. Warning for, well, cursing.


After that things finally went smoothly as Carey brought Miguel out onstage and the two performed her new hit song, "Beautiful." Throughout all the drama, the crowd seemed to be having a great time and enjoyed the performance.

Luckily no skin was shown during this morning's wardrobe malfunction, but we're sure quite a few people heard the accidental use of the s-word. Oh well, that's how things go when you have to do an early morning show on live TV.

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Carey had another adventure on TV recently when she refused to give Jennifer Lopez a standing ovation when her rival performed her song "Live it Up" on the American Idol season finale earlier this month. After what happened to Carey this morning, we have to wonder if Lopez isn't having a private giggle to herself.

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