Katherine Webb boasts about a 1,100-calorie diet

Think living as model Katherine Webb is 24/7 bliss? Think again: The former reality competitor says she only eats about 1,100 calories a day.

Katherine Webb talks restrictive diet

Katherine Webb is making headlines again, but this time Brent Musburger doesn’t have anything to do with it. Instead, the former Splash star is attracting criticism for her extremely restrictive diet.

According to People, the 24-year-old model only eats 1,120 a day worth of foods like green apples, spinach salads and grilled chicken fingers.

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“I cut out any type of bread product, and cake, cookies, bagels,” she added. “When I eat a lot of sugar, I tend to bloat more.”

However, her 5-foot, 11-inch body needs way more calories, according to nutritionist Haylie Pomroy. “Katherine does an amazing job eating three meals and two snacks, fueling her metabolism,” Pomroy said, adding that she needs to eat about 600 more calories a day.

“I treat myself to an unhealthy meal sometimes,” she said. “I usually go for all-American buffalo wings and French fries.”

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And, chocolate, according to her recent tweet.

“No way I only eat 1,100 cals a day! I love chocolate too much!” she tweeted.

It sounds like she subscribes to the Gwyneth Paltrow dieting mantra: Eat as I say, not as I eat. The Iron Man 3 actress described her restrictive elimination diet in her new cookbook It’s All Good. In reality? She lets her kids eat sugar-filled snacks!

“I tried to start them off with all of the right foods, but as they got older, the lure of Oreos and cotton candy outweighed the lure of carrots with hummus,” she wrote in a recent edition of Goop.

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“And that’s all a part of childhood and I love Oreos, too, so I completely understand. I try to make sure that what is on their plate at home is nutritious and tasty, and then I loosen way up on the reigns (sic) when we are out.”

So, we can eat chocolate and cotton candy and look like Webb and Paltrow? Sign us up.

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com


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