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Music review: Robin Thicke “4 The Rest of My Life

Robin Thicke is back to his old ways with his sizzling single, which has our computer screens fogging up from its heat.

Robin Thicke

So, Robin Thicke recently tried to step out of his baby-making music zone to do a collaboration with T.I. and Pharrell. The verdict?

I hated it.

OK, so maybe I was the only one. But I think Robin Thicke has a niche and does a mighty fine job of obliterating the competition and making our toes curl.

Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? Our bedroom crooner is back.

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I recently had a discussion about how Thicke resembled Justin Timberlake‘s style and I couldn’t quite figure out why. Was he just the 18+ version of the *NSYNC alum? Regardless, Robin Thicke had started dangling on the edge of annoying when radio stations were playing “Lost Without You” on repeat.

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Boy, am I eating my own words now after hearing this song.

Honestly, I really didn’t even bother to pay attention to the lyrics the first time around because his voice was just that sexy, that smooth and that successful at making me question my loyalty to my boyfriend.

What’s more attractive than Thicke’s voice on this track? The fact he’s proclaiming his unwavering loyalty to his woman. Sheesh, Paula Patton, you are a lucky woman. Summer weddings are also fortunate this year due to the emergence of this song, particularly for adoring lines like this:

“For the rest of my life you know I wanna be yours”

Yeah, and the rest of the song is Thicke’s narration of the history that brought these two lovers to this point of devotion. It’s a single that die-hard romantics just can’t pass up. Even if you aren’t at that point with your special someone, his voice certainly sets the mood.

That falsetto — *swoon.*

Thicke’s sixth album, Blurred Lines, is due out this summer. Make sure to check out this single and the album!

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