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Jewel’s top 10 best tweets

Our girl Jewel is a Twitter maniac! She retweets nearly everything her fans say to her and is always up for a shout-out or “happy birthday.”

Jewel and her husband Ty Murray

Aside fromJewel being incredibly generous with her fans, there’s plenty to learn about the songstress by spending a little time with her tweets. Here’s what we mean…

10) She’s one tough cookie

When a “fan” tried to give her beef after a comment made about Texas, Jewel reacted with style… and a bit of sass.

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9) She’s humorous… and a little in awe of her power

How do you respond to something like that? Good for her fan, though!

8) She’s so not predictable

Jewel: If you’re reading this, we’d like a bullet-studded guitar strap, too!

7) She’s just like the rest of us

She may be a world-renowned singer, but she’s still normal enough to cave in to flattery.

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6) Everyone wants to be Jewel

When our singer-songwriter recently had her Twitter account hacked, that didn’t stop her from finding the humor.

5) She’s a daddy’s girl

And she clearly gets her humor from him, too!

4) She loves animals and has a charitable heart

Aside from her own charity, she also has no problem promoting others. Like this one about a horse in need.

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3) She’s a bit of a homebody (and a devoted mother and wife)

Music might be her passion and her means to an end, but her home and family are where her heart is.

2) Jewel has no qualms about leaving Alaska

Marrying Ty helped bring back a little bit of that frontier life, though!

1) She’s an open book to her fans

Seriously. Very few artists take time to answer fans about their lyrics and inspiration.

Image courtesy of WENN

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