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Zoe Saldana on weight reveal: What’s the issue here?

Zoe Saldana sees nothing wrong with Allure revealing her weight on its cover. In fact, she wants to know if people are just looking for a reason to get upset.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana‘s weight isn’t an issue for her, so why should it cause a ruckus for anyone else? The actress, who recently had the honor of covering Allure, has shared her take on the controversy surrounding the magazine’s choice of words.

Responding to the headline “Zoe Saldana: 115 pounds of grit and heartache,” the Star Trek beauty unleashed a bit of that strong personality the mag was referring to.

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“I come really hard, I’m a very aggressive person when you meet me because I am a devout New Yorker and I’m Latina so this is my personality,” the 34-year-old explained to E! News.

“It’s not the first time that people have said, for such a delicate-looking person, you’re very tough. And I think that was the idea that they wanted to get across as a compliment to what they saw in me.”

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As a matter of fact, Zoe Saldana played a hand in helping create Allure’s June issue.

“I don’t understand it sometimes,” she added. “It almost felt like you were just looking for a reason to just be upset at the fact that I allowed myself to be very free and collaborating with a magazine that is known for collaborating with the subjects.”

While New York magazine’s The Cut website called the weight reveal “bizarre and unnecessary,” Yahoo!’s omg! reported, “Every time we seem to be making progress in the way women are portrayed in magazines, somehow we take a step back… the decision to showcase Saldana’s digits seems so… unnecessary.”

Do you take issue with Zoe Saldana’s weight being revealed? Why or why not?

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