Melissa McCarthy fires extra for roughing up a child

May 21, 2013 at 11:25 p.m. ET

A movie extra made an enemy in actress Melissa McCarthy Tuesday for reportedly abusing a child on set.

Melissa McCarthy fires an extra

Note to everyone: Don't mess with anyone — especially children — in Melissa McCarthy's presence!

According to TMZ, the comedian promptly fired an extra from the North Carolina set of Tammy, a new comedy she's co-directing with husband Ben Falcone.

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According to an on-set spy, the 20-something woman brought her young child to the set while she worked. But the child wouldn't behave (imagine that!).

"Witnesses say the young mom had been struggling with her kid all morning, constantly harping on the child to "stop it" and quiet down," the source said, adding that it was enough to disrupt the production.

The final straw came when McCarthy saw the woman jerk the child in the air by the wrist.

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"The director immediately had PAs bounce the woman saying she wouldn't tolerate abuse on her set and that was that."

McCarthy wouldn't comment on the incident, but she does know how difficult it can be to raise children. The Bridesmaids star has two daughters, Georgette, 2, and Vivian, 5, with Falcone.

And Georgette is definitely in her terrible toddler years right now.

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"Every four or five months, Ben and I are like, 'This'll be great. We'll go to breakfast; she's older and then about three and a half minutes in, we're like, 'Why did we do this? Let's just go to the car,' 'cause she's crawling on something and punching," she joked to Ellen DeGeneres in February.

Tell us: Did Melissa McCarthy react appropriately to the extra's behavior?

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