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The royal baby bump timeline: Kate Middleton’s belly

Since discovering Prince William and Kate Middleton would soon be ushering another royal into the world, our eyes have been glued to the Duchess’ midsection. Take a look at our timeline of the royal bun in the oven!

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June 2013: Almost ready to pop!

Kate Middleton, June 2013

The world fell in love with down-to-earth duo Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, watching them fall in love over the years. So when it was confirmed in December that the pair was indeed expecting, congratulatory headlines spread like wildfire. And, by all accounts, the pregnancy has been just as low-key as Wills and Kate’s relationship — aside from that nasty case of acute morning sickness in the first few months.

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Now, with rumors swirling that Kate will be delivering her royally cute bundle of joy in July, the world is watching Kate’s every waddle. She’s set to go on maternity leave this month, but leave it to the ever-so-chic and sweet Brit to look like a million bucks — dressed to the nines, no less! — a mere month or so (reportedly) before giving birth.

March, April and May

Kate Middleton March, April, May 2013

It might have been what we’re guessing was the end of Kate’s second trimester — and creeping into her third and final — but that certainly didn’t stop the Duchess from putting her best foot forward… literally! The leggy brunette never tossed her high heels and, instead of shying away from showing off her growing belly, she dressed up her bump in vibrant coats to shield her (and the belly) from the cold.

December, January and February

Kate Middleton December, January, and February

Morning pregnancy is no joke and, from our limited understanding, the type Kate suffered through was a particularly nasty breed. But, naturally, you would never know it by looking at her. Ever one to maintain her composure, Kate managed to keep a smile on her face throughout the rocky first trimester.

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