Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver: No divorce yet

What is holding up Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s divorce? Some believe the couple will reconcile, while others see divorce as the only option.


The rumor has been out there for a while that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants Maria Shriver back. Does Maria Shriver want her ex back? That is a question many people are asking because the couple has not made any moves to finalize their divorce.

TMZ spoke to several sources close to both Shriver and the former governor about the reasons behind this. Even though the custody and financial issues have been handled, they just don’t feel the need to make it happen.

Together, the former husband and wife are worth about $400 million. They reportedly have agreed to split that fortune in half, so no money issue is going to affect their everyday lives. They both work and can easily support their lifestyles with the split revenue and their current jobs.

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But that philosophy seems too easy to some people close to the clan. They believe there are more emotional reasons behind the delayed divorce. Apparently, the two are having second thoughts.

They have had a back-and-forth friendship during the last two years and the duo spouts different tales of what they want from each other. It fluctuates from divorce to reconciliation.

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One thorn in any reconciliation plan is Schwarzenegger’s rumored girlfriend. Given the fact that the action star’s infidelity and love child with the family’s housekeeper played a huge part in their separation, Shriver is hesitant to return to the relationship.

The two have maintained a united front when it comes to their kids, though. They spent last weekend at their daughter Christina’s college graduation from Georgetown University and the entire crew looked happy.

Do you think Maria Shriver should reconcile with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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