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Jessica Alba shares the secret to a happy marriage

Happy anniversary, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren! The actress recently shared her secret for a happy marriage. And the secret? There isn’t one — it just takes a lot of work!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

OK, how cute are Jessica Alba and Cash Warren?

The pair celebrated five years of married life over the weekend — and Alba just had to show off two photo collages of their life together (so far).

#happyanniversary#mylove+myheart+mybestfriend+myconfidant ur my everything @cash_warren love you,” she wrote. “To another #5yrs #HappyAnniversary.”

The pair met in 2005 on the set of Fantastic Four. The wedding came in 2008, with daughters Honor and Haven following soon after.

Not that it’s all been easy.

“Marriage is tough,” she said in 2010. “Most people just want to be selfish and do what’s right for them, but marriage kind of flips all of that. It shakes you up a bit because, all of a sudden, you have to coexist with somebody. It’s hard work.”

But things seem good these days, judging from a recent essay she penned for iVillage.

Among her tips for a happy marriage?

Always make time for each other

“Cash and I have also found that maintaining a family schedule is the key to making time for each other,” she wrote. “Whether we’re settling into the couch to watch bad reality television or getting a babysitter so we can enjoy a date night out, we always know we have dedicated time after the girls are asleep to catch up, discuss what’s on our minds, and simply just be with each other (no cell phones or email allowed!).”

Small gestures mean a lot

“I don’t think romance is always about swinging from chandeliers (although it’s nice from time to time),” she wrote. “Recently, when filming a movie in Atlanta, Cash surprised me by having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to the set. It was a simple, heartfelt surprise that let me know he was thinking of me during my time away from home. I loved it.”

Give your partner a break (especially if you have kids)

“[Cash] also takes over middle-of-the-night feedings, tends to fevers, and takes the girls to the park without me having to ask because he knows I need a break,” she said.

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Does Jessica Alba know what she’s talking about when it comes to marriage? Sound off in the comments below!

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Photos: Jessica Alba/Instagram

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