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Memorial Day must-reads

For the ultimate relaxation and escape this Memorial Day weekend, we’ve found three books you’ll love.

The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller The Love Wars by L. Allison Heller

They say to write what you know, and former divorce lawyer L. Alison Heller did just that with her fast-paced, Devil Wears Prada-esque novel, The Love Wars. A perfect poolside read for your Memorial Day holiday, it’s the story of Molly Grant, a matrimonial attorney who works for a tyrannical boss, spends more hours at the office than anywhere else and seems to spend all her time making sure her rich and famous clients get their way. That is until she meets a client who changes everything. Enter Fern Walker, the wife of a media mogul, who is being pushed out of her childrens’ lives by her ex, and she fears she may lose them forever. This case bring up an incident from Molly’s own past that makes it impossible to walk away from Fern. She vows to help her even though it could cost her her own job. A fun, witty and heartfelt novel, you’ll devour this book over the long holiday weekend.

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Sleeping in Eden by Nicole Baart Sleeping in Eden by Nicole Baart

A gripping murder mystery and love story, Sleeping in Eden will grab you tight and refuse to let go as you power through, page-by-page, anxious to get to the end. Be prepared to be thinking of this novel when you aren’t reading it and to be kept guessing all the way until the tremendously satisfying end. Sleeping in the Eden is an intense novel with layered storylines: one of a man trying to repair his marriage and another, the unsolved crime that may help put it back together. Dr. Lucas Hudson is filling in for the vacationing coroner on what appears to be an open and shut suicide case. But then he finds the body of a young woman under the hanging corpse and he knows this discovery could change everything. Years before Lucas ever set foot in Blackhawk, Meg Painter met Dylan Reid. It was the summer before high school and the two quickly became inseparable. Although Meg’s older neighbor, Jess, was the safe choice, she couldn’t let go of Dylan no matter how hard she tried.

Caught in a web of jealousy and deceit that spiraled out of control, Meg’s choices in the past ultimately collide with Lucas’s discovery in the present, weaving together a taut story of unspoken secrets and the raw, complex passions of innocence lost. For mystery and love story fans alike, Sleeping in Eden is the perfect engrossing novel to spend a long weekend with.

All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue

The title alone screams that this is a book you should toss in your beach bag this weekend. All the Summer Girls is the story of a reunion between three childhood friends — Kate, Vanessa and Dani — over the course of a weekend spent on the same New Jersey shore where they spent their summers. But although they are there to take a breather from their hectic lives, long-kept secrets about a fateful night eight years earlier on the same shore threaten to tear them apart.

There’s Kate, who finds out she’s expecting a baby the day the child’s father breaks up with her. And Vanessa is a stay-at-home mom who has been searching online for an ex. And then there’s Dani, the wild child of the group, an aspiring writer who can’t quite kick her dependency on alcohol long enough to finish a novel. A deeply satisfying story of the intense bonds between female friends, when you finish reading this novel, you’ll want to pick up the phone and call your closest girlfriends. And make sure to tell them to read this book!

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