Bates Motel recap: Finale delivers Psycho's first murder

May 21, 2013 at 5:45 a.m. ET

Norman Bates has finally reached his limit with sexy women who toy with him, and an unexpected victim will have to pay for her sins.

Norman breaks Emma's heart at the dance

After a season of demonstrating the many events and dysfunctional relationships that led to Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) becoming a dead mother-obsessed, woman-hating psycho killer, Bates Motel has revealed Norman's first victim. And, it's not who you'd expect.

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Norman has been dangling a foot over the ledge for several episodes now, but it was definitely his broken heart over Bradley (Nicola Peltz) that made him take the leap to full blown murderer. Bradley showed up at Norman's house to talk to Dylan (Max Thieriot). "Oh, Dylan," Norman responds like a million little knives are stabbing his heart, but he's trying to hide the pain. As he hears the slight flirtation in their voices, he literally looks like his mind is spinning out of control. And the rant about not having any black socks to match his outfit certainly proves that a mental collapse has occurred.

Later, Norman takes Emma to the dance and that's when all teenage hell breaks loose. Emma has a crying fit because Norman won't stop staring at Bradley and she realizes she's a fool to believe they will ever wind up together.

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Then, Bradley's boyfriend confronts Norman about sleeping with his lady. He accuses the shy teen of taking advantage of her when she was in a vulnerable state. Before Norman even has a chance to defend himself, the jealous boyfriend punches him leaving a gruesome cut across his face.

Then, things take a weird turn. Miss Watson finds Norman wandering along the road with a busted face, and instead of driving him home or calling his mother, she offers to take him back to her house to clean him up. After delivering on her promise to mend his wounds, she goes into her room to change, but leaves the door open so he can catch a glimpse. Bad idea, my dear Watson.

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Suddenly, Norman has a hallucination of his mother badmouthing the teacher. She lectures him about how inappropriate the scene is and tells him, "You know what you have to do."

Moments later Norman is home and trying to explain to his mother (Vera Farmiga) that he doesn't remember what happened or how he got the gash across his face. But, we know what happened. That's right, in the last scene, the seductive Miss Watson is lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit open.

Beware: In the Bates' house, seducing Norman is punishable by death.

Photo courtesy of A&E