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Revolution recap: “Clue

Someone is slowly killing off the rebels leaving Miles and the gang stranded while heading to find Rachel in Colorado.

Miles and Charlie in Revolution

Tonight’s episode of Revolution put the Tower front and center in everyone’s mind. Maybe we’ll get to see what it actually does on next week’s episode — if Rachel doesn’t blow it up first, that is.

Monroe on a mission

After Monroe (David Lyons) tortures Nora into telling him Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Miles’ location, he decides having just one of Miles’ flings isn’t enough. So Monroe heads out to apprehend Rachel, especially before Rachel can turn the power back on and ruin Monroe’s plans for world domination.

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After injecting her with some kind of torture liquid, one of Monroe’s scientists named Sanborn (you’ll remember him as Rachel’s old colleague) takes pity on Nora and brings her back to the rebels. Nora admits she told Monroe everything, and the rebels plan a trip to the Tower to save Rachel. Sanborn joins the rebels.

Trouble in paradise already

The helicopter the rebels are using to get to Colorado runs low on fuel. They stop in the middle of nowhere to gather supplies and someone starts killing the crew. First the pilot is murdered and the wires are cut on the helicopter. Then, a rebel soldier turns up with his throat slit. Miles (Billy Burke) tries to get information before he dies, but the only thing he gathers is that the killer is one of the rebels. There’s a mole.

The rebels start accusing each other of being the mole. They suggest Sanborn’s name, since he is the newest addition and most recently decided to stop working for Monroe. Then they suggest Nora because the drug Sanborn gave her can cause hallucinations and paranoia. Miles shoots down that suggestion immediately. He knows Nora would never hurt someone innocent like that.

Then Miles discovers a bloody knife with Jason. Jason insists that he isn’t the mole, but even Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) has her doubts. She admits she saw Jason talking to a strange man in town and asks Jason who it was. Jason admits it was a Militia soldier who wanted him to kill Miles in return for Charlie’s safety. Jason swears he refused the offer, but no one believes him.

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Until Sanborn discovers the initials A.M.D. on the bloody knife, which stand for Annapolis, Maryland. The only person in the group who had been to Annapolis recently was Jim. Just as they make this discovery, Sanborn is shot multiple times in the chest by Jim who then tries to strangle Miles. Jim admits he is the traitor. He blames Miles for everything that happened with his wife. Jason kills Jim just in time, saving Miles’ life.

Charlie tries to apologize to Jason for believing he was the mole. Jason says she shouldn’t trust him because he’s lied to her so many times. Though his words are tinged with sarcasm, he’s clearly angry with Charlie.

Monroe heads to the Tower in Revolution

Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned

Monroe arrives at the Tower, but Randall is denied access. He can’t open the door with his usual codes. Turns out, there’s a camera at the entrance, and a room full of people are strangely watching Monroe and Randall try to access the Tower.

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Rachel and Aaron are also watching the Militia. They see Monroe among the men, and Rachel devises a plan to kill Monroe. Rachel is going to sacrifice herself to the Militia so Aaron can get inside the Tower during the distraction.

At the end of the episode, Rachel walks into Monroe’s tent and pulls out a grenade. She flips the top off.

Random thoughts

— Every time I see Miles hooking up with a girl, I just think, “Ew, that’s Bella’s dad.” There’s no way I’m the only one either.

— Revolution has taken a dark turn these last couple of episodes. Light action adventure no more. This show has done a 180. And we thought Jim was loveable.

— Still no word on Monroe’s baby. I’m pretty sure the show’s just never going to bring up that bomb of information again.

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