Country singer Chely Wright welcomes twin boys

Country singer Chely Wright is over the moon because her family just doubled in size. She and her wife, Lauren Blitzer Wright, welcomed twin boys on Saturday.


It’s blissful joy times two for country singer Chely Wright and her wife, music executive Lauren Blitzer Wright, as they welcomed twin boys into the world on Saturday. The boys came into the world a little early, but initial reports from People indicate the newborns are doing okay.

In an exclusive statement to People, the 42-year-old shared, “We are grateful for all the amazing medical care and the love and support of family and friends.”

George Samuel and Everett Joseph, both named for their great-grandfathers, were due in July. Wright explained on the YouTube series Gwissues in January that she expected the twins to arrive early since they were identical. However, she probably didn’t expect them to come into the world this early.

She said in the interview, “They are due in July, but with identical twins you typically have to deliver a month early. So, we’re anticipating that I will be as big as a… bus or A-frame house by June.”

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Now that the boys are here, the couple can focus on their time as a family after a few tumultuous years. Coming out publicly not only cost the singer some fans, but also severed her relationship with her mother.

She told Anderson Cooper in 2012, “From the day that I officially came out, on May 4, 2010, many people that had been fans aren’t anymore. My mother did not take it well at all and we don’t speak, and that was a cost.”

The couple, who met just two weeks after Wright officially came out, married in 2011 in Connecticut.

Welcome to the world, George and Everett!

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