Billboard Music Awards: The sex factor

Clearly, the 2013 Billboard Music Awards didn’t share the same modest guidelines outlined in the Grammys dress code dossier. Quite to the contrary, it looks as though there may have been a memo in circulation encouraging ensembles and performances with hyper sex appeal. Just check out these overtly sexy aspects.

Selena is all grown up

When Selena Gomez hit the blue carpet in a white Atelier Versace gown with a peek-a-boo plunge, we thought the singer might be trying to distance herself from her Disney image with a more mature style. But there was no doubting the former Wizards of Waverly Place cutie was all grown up when she stepped on stage to perform her latest single “Come & Get It” in a very sexy gold bustier and flowing skirt with sky-high slits. Not to be ambiguous, she drilled the point home with her final frock of the evening — a sultry black number that, despite having long sleeves, got its come-hither cred from sheer panels.

How funky is your chicken?

Okay, so this one wasn’t so much of a shocker. Jennifer Lopez loves to show some leg… and boot-ay… and, well, if we were a 43-year-old mother of twins with a body that bangin’, we’d be flaunting it too. Last night, she showed off her curves and then some wearing a high-cut, sparkly red bodysuit and thigh-high boots while shaking her moneymaker to her single, “Live It Up.” Jury is still out on whether the pole she slid down was in ode to those found in firehouses… or those found in strip clubs. Also a mystery? What those exploding-boa-style sleeves had to do with the rest of her super-sexy performance.

Madge shows her a**

In the lengthy concert montage in ode to Madonna, the “Queen of Pop” showed off her a** and virtually every other part of her anatomy. But it was when Madge took the stage to accept her award for Top Touring Artist that the crowd got to experience the diva’s intrinsically racy nature in person. Perhaps trying to set a record for the most times one person could get away with squeezing the word “a**” into an acceptance speech, the star — who donned a pantless, fishnet-and-black-garter look — joked, “It took longer to determine whether I could show my a** in that video than it did to rehearse for the tour. There were a lot of a** negotiations.”

Is the FCC off duty after 10 p.m.?

You know what they say: What happens on the Billboard Awards Music stage stays on the Billboard Music Awards stage. Fine, you got us — nobody says that. But they might start after Nicki Minaj’s performance late last night of her hit “High School.” In an outfit designed to amplify her already ample, uh, assets, Nicki began her act with some provocative choreography and ended it by twerking all up on Lil’ Wayne in what may have been the show’s first on-air lap dance ev-er. We’re sure Miss Minaj isn’t sweating the haters too much, though, since she did booty bump out of there with three Billboard awards.

Want more? Check these other naughty little celeb ensembles!

Once upon a time, Jennifer Morrison wore lingerie thinly veiled as an evening gown to the Billboard Music Awards. The end.
Stana Katic at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Stana Katic
With tousled bedroom hair and a neckline down to there, Castle actress Stana Katic played up her crown jewels. Wink, wink.
There’s no maybe about it… the smoldering eyes and peep-show dress will surely garner singer Carley Rae Jepsen a call.
Jenny from the Block rocked a dress on the blue carpet just about as sultry as the skintight bodysuit she wore to perform.
Ke$ha at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Ke$ha went surprisingly low-key up top, but her lower half is one strong wind away from a major wardrobe malfunction.
Proving she does more these days than make goofy spoof movies, Jenny McCarthy amped up the show’s 40+ sex appeal.
Images, L to R, courtesy of FayesVision/, Nikki Nelson/, FayesVision/ (top row) and Elizabeth Goodenough/Apega/, Nikki Nelson/, FayesVision/ (bottom row).


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