Arrested Development‘s Tobias Fünke’s audition reel

Tobias Fünke wants you to watch his internet audition reel! Well, really he wants James Cameron to, but you’ll do for now.

Tobias Funke (David Cross)

It’s been seven years since we last left the character of Tobias Fünke (played by actor David Cross), but it’s good to know he hasn’t given up on his dreams. In preparation for the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, Fünke has launched his own site, which highlights the many acting styles of actor Dr. Tobias Fünke (oh believe me, actor/doctor jokes will be made).

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With his typically awkward demeanor, Fünke poses in front of a green screen while he makes his audition reel, which he intends to get to James Cameron. He hasn’t actually seen any of the award-nominated and legendary films Cameron has made, so instead he appeals to him as an actor since he was on that episode of Entourage that one time.

The greatest thing about Tobias Fünke has always been his extreme denial of his blatant homosexuality, and good news, fans: He hasn’t lost his touch! His website includes several different character reels, including cowboy “Cowpoke” and “Motorcycle Ruffian,” which both look like they stepped straight out of a tribute to “YMCA.” Every reel includes a few of his famous overtly sexual comments that slip right over his own head. He also admits to being a fan of that movie Backside Mountain. The truth really does have a way of slipping out, doesn’t it?

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Fünke gives his rawest performances yet auditioning as a doctor who gives a complimentary hernia exam and as a gracefully leaping (only not so much) action hero. But the audition that is most likely to land him a gig is clearly “Big Man on Campus,” in which he waves to someone he knows from a distance. Stellar interpretation. He has really grown since his days as an understudy for the Blue Man Group — but not nearly enough to ever, ever land him a role. He is still the worst actor a camera has ever seen.

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These audition reels may get Fünke nowhere as an actor, but they do give us a little taste of what’s in store for this upcoming season of Arrested Development. Fünke may be getting older and balding rapidly, but he certainly isn’t growing up. Some things never change, and that’s exactly the way the fans want it!

All 15 episodes of Season 4 are premiering on a single day. You can catch them on Netflix on May 26. Until then, get your Tobias Fünke fix here.

Photo courtesy of WENN