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Da Vinci’s Demons recap: “The Devil

Facing the Impaler brings Da Vinci one step closer to the Book of Leaves. However, Rome still has a few tricks up its sleeve — tricks that may not include Lucrezia for much longer.

Da Vinci's Demons

Tonight on Da Vinci’s Demons, Da Vinci’s search for the Book of Leaves brings him closer to finding answers about his destiny. We’re also introduced to Vlad the Impaler (Paul Rhys), who gets an interesting makeover for the series.

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Da Vinci makes friends with the warlord

The first thing we learn in tonight’s episode is that time is a river. The Turk explains that Da Vinci’s weird visions/dreams are a result of the river flowing backward and forward. He is seeing things that have happened and will happen — all at the same time.

Da Vinci (Tom Riley) is sent out on a quest by the Turk to help save the Abyssinian, who is being held prisoner by Dracula. Da Vinci is joined on his quest by his loving sidekicks Nico and Zoroaster, of course. The band easily stumbles upon Dracula’s castle. The warlord is all knowing, though, when it comes to his property, and he doesn’t waste any time threatening to kill the visitors. Da Vinci manages to charm his group’s way out of death, however, and Dracula actually takes a liking to the artist.

An heir shouldn’t be worth that

Giuliano still misses Becchi and is certain of his innocence. Giuliano makes it his mission to weed out the true spy. He discovers that Captain Dragonetti keeps a detailed log of everyone who stays out past curfew. Giuliano pores over the books, looking for names consistently popping up, which might shed light on the identity of the real confidant of Rome.

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Meanwhile, Lorenzo is trying to make alliances to take down the northern realm of Rome. As he’s striking a deal with his godfather, Lucrezia is spilling all of Lorenzo’s plans back in Rome. Too bad Riario thinks Lucrezia is no longer useful. He can tell she has feelings for Da Vinci, which makes her a liability in his opinion. He plans to have her assassinated on her way out of the city.

Lorenzo returns to Florence, where he and Clarice have a really awkward sex session. They’re both feeling the pressure to produce an heir, which apparently leads to long and uncomfortable moments in the show. We also discover Clarice has been drinking bull testicles to increase her fertility.

All they have to do is cut off his skin

Da Vinci convinces Dracula that he has come to the castle to seek out Dracula’s military advice for the Medici family. Dracula is eager to share his cruelty and starts dinner off with the brutal killing of a Turkish man. Da Vinci proposes a toast to honor Dracula and produces a jug of liquor he brought from Florence to share. Everyone, including the dogs, has a drink.

Of course, Da Vinci has laced the liquor with poison. After dinner, he takes the antidote and offers it to Zoroaster and Nico. Everyone else is left in a deep sleep, which gives Da Vinci time to explore the castle and find the Abyssinian. They find him in chains, but as soon as they’ve freed him, Dracula arrives. Because Dracula is seemingly superhuman, the poison hasn’t affected him either.

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A fight ensues between Da Vinci and Dracula. It seems like nothing can kill Dracula, but Da Vinci has forgotten to try garlic and holy water. Zoroaster tries hitting the warlord over the head with a cross, but it doesn’t seem to have the desired effect. Finally, the Abyssinian manages to stab Dracula, and Da Vinci strikes the deathblow by shoving the Imapler out the window. Da Vinci and the others escape with the Abyssinian, but not before realizing that Dracula’s body has disappeared from where it fell.

The Abyssinian has large stab wounds from being tortured during his imprisonment. The Abyssinian manages to tell Da Vinci that the tattoos on his body are the keys to decoding the map to the Book of Leaves. Da Vinci must cut the skin from the Abyssinian’s body once he dies and take it with him on his quest. After imparting this information, the Abyssinian dies.

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