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Disney’s Planes soars with new trailer

This summer, Disney takes flight with Planes. It’s the studio’s latest animated feature, geared toward the whole family. It’s action packed and filled with laughs and great tunes. Check out the new music-filled trailer.

Disney's Planes

It’s not a car or a train — it’s a plane! Disney’s heading to the skies for its next animated adventure. Following in the footsteps of Cars and Cars 2 is Planes. It’s a 3D action comedy that takes place in the world of aviation.

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The film centers on Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook), a plane that yearns to be a high-flying air racer. Unfortunately, his fear of heights is keeping him grounded. He turns to a seasoned aviator to help him train and qualify for the race circuit. Doesn’t this plot sound vaguely familiar?

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Dusty plans to take on the race’s defending champ. But to do so, he has to test his limits and find the inspiration to soar.

Planes is directed by Klay Hall and stars Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher, Cedric the Entertainer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Cleese, Sinbad, Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer.

With both Edwards and Kilmer in the film, who’s hoping for a Top Gun reference? Maybe this is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a reunion. Either way, we’ll take it.

The following video features music by the film’s composer, Mark Mancina. There’s no dialogue, just great visuals and an amazing score. It’s an interesting marketing approach that gets the job done.

Check out the new trailer below:

Disney’s Planes opens in theaters Aug. 9, 2013.

What do you think of the new trailer for Planes?

Photo credit: Disney Pictures

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