The Vampire Diaries recap: “Graduation

Forget graduation, ghosts trying to kill just about everyone, Elena deciding who she loves and Bonnie dealing with death are just the beginning of the season finale. Get ready to see a lot more Silas in Season 5.

Elena and Caroline graduate in The Vampire Diaries

Bring on the tissues. Yeah, OK, I teared up a few times during the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, not that you can blame me. Not only did this episode include all of the best characters from seasons past (like Alaric and Lexi), but it introduced us to so many WTF moments my head is still trying to grasp it all.

It’s graduation in Mystic Falls and while the living are celebrating, the dead are plotting destruction. Led by vampire hunter Connor, the ghosts want the cure and Silas.

Bonnie hasn’t told anyone she’s dead, and her grandmother encourages her to say her goodbyes.

Graduation comes with ghosts

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) gives Elena (Nina Dobrev) the cure as a graduation present. Elena refuses to take it proving the sire bond is no longer present. She wants the cure but knows the ghosts are going to start killing people if they don’t get it.

Damon is injured by a bullet laced with werewolf venom. He’s going to die without Klaus’s blood and all efforts on Caroline’s part to get in touch with him prove useless. Damon gives vampire hunter Vaughn the cure and tells him Silas is buried at the bottom of a lake. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) shows up just in time for graduation and gives Damon his blood, which saves Damon’s life. Alaric pushes Vaughn off the side of the cliff, but grabs the cure from him before Vaughn falls.

Bonnie, Caroline, Elena, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Matt graduate.

The night after graduation, Klaus and Caroline have a moment. He tells Caroline that Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls. In the most charming moment of the night, Klaus points out that Tyler is Caroline’s first love. Klaus intends to be her last however long it takes.

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Elena makes her choiceKlaus shows up at graduation in The Vampire Diaries

Damon tells Elena he’s not sorry for not taking the cure when he was dying of the werewolf venom. Elena tells him she’s not sorry she’s in love with him, and they kiss.

Stefan eavesdrops and hears that Elena chooses Damon. Stefan admits Elena is the love of his life. He’d go back to her in a heartbeat but also knows this is his chance to move on and start a life of his own.

Stefan plans to go with Lexi to bury Silas in the quarry. Then he wants to get out of town and explore on his own for a while.

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Bonnie’s spell works

Jeremy goes to see Bonnie one last time before she closes the veil. Bonnie and Jeremy kiss, but Jeremy can’t feel Bonnie’s hand when she touches his face. The veil is closing and Bonnie’s spell worked. She was able to bring Jeremy back to life, but at the cost of her own life. Jeremy realizes she’s dead while he is alive again. Bonnie asks him to tell Elena and Caroline that she’s spending the summer with her aunt. For the first time her friends are OK, and she doesn’t want to take that from them. Bonnie goes with her grandmother and fades away as the veil is put back in place.

Lexi and Alaric also disappear from Mystic Falls but so do the vampire hunters and ghosts bent on vengeance.

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Elena uses the cure

Elena goes to find Bonnie and Jeremy but finds Katherine instead. Katherine beats Elena up and is about to kill her when Elena shoves the cure down her throat. Katherine swallows the cure and then passes out. Elena tells her to have a fun time as a human.

Stefan is about to drop Silas over the edge of the quarry, but he realizes Silas isn’t inside the bag anymore. Because Bonnie died, the spell was broken. Silas returns and confronts Stefan. He tells Stefan he was actually the one who created the immortality spell but nature needed a balance, a shadow self that could die. Thus, the doppelganger was born, and Silas’ doppelganger is Stefan. He puts Stefan in a safe and throws him underwater. Stefan drowns but is unable to die. Instead, he is trapped inside as the safe sinks.

So Elena gets Damon and Jeremy in her life but things are far from OK. Stefan is at the bottom of the quarry locked in a giant safe and Bonnie is dead. Season 5 suddenly seems so far away.

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