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Spock’s ears. Kirk’s eyes. Both are sexy, both have a unique charm, but which star-traveler really makes us swoon? With the new film Star Trek Into Darkness coming out today, SheKnows examines both specimens.

Star Trek Exclusive Photo

James T. Kirk

Played by the dreamy Chris Pine whose crystal blue eyes mesmerize, Kirk is all charm. Dashing and brave, he’s the alpha-male of the Enterprise and power is always sexy. Kirk has so much swagger in this movie, he’s shown bedding two feline-inspired alien creatures with catlike tails at the same time! Gorgeous twin sisters, Katie and Kellie Cockrell play his “dates” and are disappointed when Kirk is called away from the fun.

But too much charm can be a turnoff, too, especially when Kirk has more ladies than he can feasibly wrangle. In the film, however, Kirk may have met his match with the fetching Dr. Carol Marcus, played by British actress Alice Eve. She goes head-to-head with Kirk, engaging with him intellectually while coyly titillating him. Well played, Dr. Marcus!

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Star Trek Into Darkness exclusive photo

Mr. Spock

To be clear, Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, is only half Vulcan. It is his Vulcan DNA, however, by which he is most defined. His most noticeable physical attributes are his upswept, thick black eyebrows and his pointed ears, earning him the nickname “Pointy” in this latest film. Though unusual, it’s easy to fantasize about licking those pointed ears.

Also, known for being ultra-logical, Vulcans have learned how to censor and repress their emotions, as if shutting them off like a light switch. Spock’s girlfriend Uhura, played by the passionate Zoe Saldana, gets extremely frustrated with Spock when he chooses to risk his own life to save a dying planet. On one hand, Spock is Uhura’s emotional rock, but on the other hand, he seems not to care what might happen to her if he’s dead.

Then there’s the Vulcan mating ritual called pon farr, where every seven years, Vulcans go into “heat” and must mate or die. This behavior is loosely based on the female ferret that also suffers a similar fate if she doesn’t mate. But just because Vulcans experience pon farr every seven years, doesn’t mean they don’t “mate” regularly. They are perfectly free to fool around whenever they so desire, lucky for Uhura.

So, which species is hotter?

We pick Vulcans for their tall, dark and handsome looks and their emotional eccentricities. While being in a relationship with a super logical guy could be challenging, at least he’d be calm, cool, and collected most of the time. And you know you’ll get some ultra-passionate loving at least once every seven years.

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