Music review: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull "Live It Up"

May 14, 2013 at 11:40 a.m. ET

Pairing up for yet a third time, Jennifer Lopez and "Mr. International" Pitbull collaborate for a new single and try to strike when the iron is hot.

Jennifer Lopez

First, there was "On The Floor," then "Dance Again," and now there is "Live It Up."

Yes, you heard me. I bring you good news that this collaborating powerhouse duo has teamed up for yet another track. And its diva counterpart has a lot to news to be happy about herself.

I'd be giddy, too, if I looked, sung, acted, designed, and danced like Jennifer Lopez.

I mean, heck, she is an outstanding example of a mother in her 40s. And have you seen Casper Smart? Not so hard on the eyes, is he?

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In her latest single off the upcoming album set to break out this summer, she adds even more sass to the trilogy of hits con Pitbull.

I don't know if Beyoncé's purported arrogance with the whole "Bow Down" theme has trickled down into inspiring J-Lo (I'm joking), but these lyrics sure imply as such:

"You name it, she’s done it
She’s the reason that women run it"

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Yeah, so it is true, Jennifer has paved the way for a lot of women, but I certainly wasn't expecting all those puffed up feathers in this summer anthem. It's vivacious and strong, just like the songstress herself. It's got a sunny party vibe that you know you will hear on the radio, but there is one strange oddity: A chanting chorus.

The chorus seems a little forced, but the bridge and most of the song is catchy... so what do I care?! This track will get your party started. If you want something to listen to while you cruise down the boulevard, do yourself a favor and download this when you can!

This single has already caused quite the ruckus with the shots fired on the set of the music video. Not to mention the rumors that are swirling that Lopez will debut this song on American Idol this week, according to Billboard. Make sure you check it out!

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Capitalizing on the popularity of Twitter, J-Lo herself donned the hashtag #LiveItUp when tweeting out the song. Does this track make you want to live it up? Listen to it, make your verdict, and then drop us a comment below!

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