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Bates Motel recap: Drowning “Underwater

Norma and Norman are drowning in dead bodies, broken hearts and straight up crazy folk in White Pine Bay. The only solution is to escape, but will the Bates ever be able to flee the insanity that follows their family?

Norma wants to get out of town

Let’s pick up from last week’s cliffhanger. It was only assumed that the dead body Norma found in her bed belonged to the recently deceased Zack, but the gory decomposing elements made it really hard to identify. This week, we have no further news on who was left in the hotel bed! But, either way, Norma (Vera Farmiga) is really growing tired of all the pesky crazy people she seems to attract.

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From all the death to the sex trafficking to the horde of hippies smoking pot at her hotel, Norma has had enough of this town and thinks she and Norman (Freddie Highmore) should peace out. It’s interesting how she never considers Dylan (Max Thieriot) in her future plans. What is their backstory that she hates him so much? Guess he’s only good for continued help to cover up murders and bury dead bodies.

In other news, we saw it coming last week when Dylan stared at Bradley with all that tension in his eyes. We wondered, but tonight’s episode confirmed, that yes, it was sexual tension. At least on Dylan’s part. Bradley still seems oblivious to the repercussions of her good looks. Maybe that’s because she’s just a teenager or maybe it’s because she’s emotionally catatonic from dealing with her father’s sudden death.

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Either way, she recruits Dylan to help her break into her father’s office (the headquarters for all the local drug activity) in search of a missing locket he gave her. Instead, she finds some letters that lead her to suspect he was having an affair. Dylan merely comforts her, but it’s clear he’s aching for a little more.

Hopefully Norman doesn’t find out about his own brother trying to nab the first love of his life because he’s already teetering on a violent meltdown. He’s even having dreams of holding Bradley underwater and drowning her (All I could hear was Sublime’s “Summer Time” playing over this scene). Oh the pitfalls of finally cashing in your v-card.

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But, we know Norman is going to find out. He is going to lose it. He is going to turn into a murdering knife enthusiast with much help from his mother. The only question is: Who will be his first victim?

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